YouTube Music still needs these crucial features to compete with Spotify and Apple Music

# YouTube Music: The Features It’s Missing and What That Means for Users

For music enthusiasts, the overall listening experience is crucial when choosing a music streaming app. While YouTube Music has its merits, there are some essential features it lacks in comparison to competitors like Spotify and Apple Music. As a result, there are specific aspects that need improvement for YouTube Music to compete more effectively in the music streaming market.

➤ Crucial Features Missing from YouTube Music

➤# Lacks Enthusiast-Level High-Fidelity Playback
YouTube Music lacks enthusiast-level high-fidelity playback, which is increasingly in demand. While it provides seamless connectivity and links to music videos and concerts, it falls short in delivering lossless or surround sound standards like Dolby Atmos, features already available on Spotify and Apple Music.

➤# Left Behind by Real-Time Song Lyrics Feature
Although YouTube Music has an unrivaled library, it lacks a real-time song lyrics feature, which both Apple Music and Spotify offer. While YouTube Music has started rolling out a lyrics syncing feature, it’s not yet as reliable and widespread as its competitors’ offerings.

➤# User-Focused Features Are at a Minimum
YouTube Music’s user-focused features are relatively minimal compared to its counterparts. The offline mode is reported to be unreliable, and the platform’s community integration remains underutilized. Unlike Spotify, there is no way to follow friends, limiting the sense of community within the app.

➤# YouTube Music Needs to Embrace Its Community and Build an Identity
YouTube Music lacks the social interaction and polished, professional, and focused design that Spotify and Apple Music offer. Both of its competitors have a more structured and socially integrated approach that appeals to users, which YouTube Music needs to improve upon.

➤ Frequently Asked Questions

➤# What features does YouTube Music lack compared to its competitors?

YouTube Music is missing enthusiast-level high-fidelity playback, a real-time song lyrics feature, robust user-focused features, and a socially integrated design that Spotify and Apple Music offer.

➤# Is YouTube Music planning to improve these missing features?

YouTube Music has started addressing some of these missing features, such as rolling out a lyrics syncing feature. However, there is still more work to be done to catch up with its competitors in terms of overall feature set.

➤ Conclusion
YouTube Music, while having some strengths, needs to bridge some crucial gaps to compete more effectively with Spotify and Apple Music. By focusing on providing enthusiast-level high-fidelity playback, implementing a reliable real-time song lyrics feature, enhancing user-focused features, and embracing its community, YouTube Music could better cater to discerning music enthusiasts and establish itself as a leading music streaming platform.

In conclusion, YouTube Music has the potential to become a strong contender in the music streaming market, but it needs to address these crucial missing features to provide a more compelling listening experience for its users.

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