You can now send Drive files to meeting attendees’ calendars

✍️Google Workspace Update: Now Easily Share Google Drive Files with Google Calendar Meeting Attendees✍️

Google has introduced a new feature that allows Workspace customers to seamlessly share Drive files with attendees of future Calendar meetings, saving time and effort. This new functionality comes as a welcome addition for users who heavily rely on Google Workspace for collaborative tools and communication.

➤# Summary of the Feature
– Google has streamlined the process to share Drive files with meeting attendees listed on Google Calendar.
– File owners or editors retain control over the level of access attendees have and can choose to restrict access to select individuals in the meeting.
– The feature is expected to roll out to all Workspace customers over the next couple of weeks, initially being available on the web version of Drive.

➤# How Does It Work?
Owners or editors of a file can access the “Share” dialog, either by right-clicking on the file or through the three-dot button on the top right of the file. In addition to sharing with individuals in the organization, the search field now displays future Calendar meetings, automatically sharing the file with all the attendees.

➤# Control and Customization
File owners or editors have control over the type of access attendees will have (Editor, Viewer, or Commenter). They can also choose to limit file access to select attendees of the meeting. Additionally, the option to attach the Drive file to the Calendar entry using a simple checkbox streamlines the process.

➤# Availability and Future Expectations
The feature is set to be available to all Workspace customers, including those with personal Google accounts, although it may take a couple of weeks to appear on Drive. While the initial rollout is for the web version of Drive, its availability on mobile apps is expected to follow suit.

➤# Ensuring Context and Collaboration
This update aligns with Google’s ongoing commitment to consistency and innovating new functionality across its platforms. This feature can save users the hassle of manually selecting each user to share the file with, providing important collaboration context ahead of the meeting.

➤# Conclusion
The ability to seamlessly share files with team members or fellow employees is an essential aspect of virtual workspace environments. With this new update, Google Workspace users can look forward to enhanced collaboration and communication efficiency.

➤# FAQs

➤➤# Can the feature be used with personal Google accounts?
Yes, the feature will be available for all Workspace customers, including those with personal Google accounts.

➤➤# Is the feature limited to the web version of Google Drive?
Initially, the feature is expected to be available on the web version of Google Drive, but its availability on mobile apps is anticipated in the near future.

➤➤# Will the feature help streamline collaboration efforts for remote teams?
Certainly, this feature simplifies the process of sharing Drive files with meeting attendees, providing valuable context and enabling smoother collaboration for remote teams.

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