Which Samsung Galaxy S24 color should you buy?

The newest flagship models from Samsung are available in seven stunning colors, giving buyers a wide variety of choices to fit their personal style. The base Samsung Galaxy S24 comes in four regular colors available from every retailer: Onyx Black, Marble Gray, Cobalt Violet, and Amber Yellow. Additionally, the lineup is complemented by three exclusive finishes that are only available through Samsung’s online store: Jade Green, Sandstone Orange, and Sapphire Blue.

When choosing a color for your Samsung Galaxy S24, consider your personal preferences, style, and how well the color fits your personality. Whether you prefer the traditional elegance of black, the expressive vibrancy of amber yellow, or the modern sophistication of marble gray, there’s a color option to suit every taste.

Amber Yellow

The Amber Yellow colorway features a lush yellow shade with a matte finish, offering a cheerful and unique aesthetic. It is a great choice for those who seek a brighter color option without being overly bold.

Cobalt Violet

Cobalt Violet boasts a subdued purple shade with a matte finish, providing a blend of tradition and personality. It is the perfect choice for users who want to avoid the standard black colorway while adding a touch of individuality to their device.

Marble Gray

Marble Gray, with its pale, silvery gray tone, provides a modern alternative to traditional black. This color option is ideal for traditionalists looking for something different yet understated and elegant.

Onyx Black

Onyx Black replaces the traditional Phantom Black shade and offers a sleek, matte finish. It is a classic choice that appeals to traditionalists and seamlessly fits into any style or setting.

The three exclusive colors available only through Samsung.com—Jade Green, Sandstone Orange, and Sapphire Blue—offer more saturated, colorful options, adding an extra element of fun to the lineup. These colors also feature matte finishes and color-matched edge components, maintaining a cohesive and polished look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase the exclusive colors from any retailer?

No, the Jade Green, Sandstone Orange, and Sapphire Blue colors are exclusive to Samsung’s online store, so you will need to purchase your phone directly from the manufacturer to access these unique color options.

Do the colors come with different finishes?

All colors of the Samsung Galaxy S24 come with a matte finish, providing a modern and sophisticated look while maintaining a consistent visual theme across the color options.

Are there any additional accessories available to match the color of the phone?

While Samsung does not offer specific accessories to match the colors of the Galaxy S24, there are numerous third-party cases and accessories available in a variety of colors to complement your chosen Galaxy S24 color.


Choosing the color of your Samsung Galaxy S24 is a personal decision that reflects your individual style and preferences. With a diverse range of color options, from traditional black and gray to vibrant yellow and purple, Samsung offers something for everyone. Whether you prefer a classic look or want to make a bold statement, the Galaxy S24 colors provide a perfect mix of elegance and expression.

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