WhatsApp Web has a new dark mode in the works

# WhatsApp Web Introduces New Dark Mode Design

WhatsApp Web, the browser-based platform for the popular messaging app, is currently in the process of rolling out a new dark mode design. This upcoming feature is set to bring the aesthetics of the web client in line with that of the Android app. In addition to the dark theme, an improved sidebar is also in development to complement the new visual design.

➤ Key Points
1. WhatsApp is working on a new dark theme for its web client to match the aesthetics of its Android app.
2. The updated color scheme for WhatsApp Web is a shade darker and aims to provide a more visually consistent experience across platforms.
3. In addition to the dark theme, WhatsApp is also developing an improved sidebar for the web client that complements the new visual design.

➤ Dark Mode Evolution
WhatsApp made significant improvements to its Android app in December, which included a redesigned dark mode color scheme. The new dark theme for WhatsApp Web is a welcomed development that aims to visually align the web client with the native app’s aesthetics.

The new color scheme for WhatsApp Web is a bit darker, with a change from the color hex code #111b20 to #12181c. This subtle but significant shift is designed to provide users with a more visually consistent and easier-on-the-eyes experience, particularly during prolonged use.

➤ The Growing Popularity of WhatsApp Web
With the increasing popularity of WhatsApp Web, the platform has been receiving several new features and updates. The revamped sidebar for WhatsApp Web is being developed to complement the new dark mode. This is a notable move as the web version of WhatsApp is versatile and can be accessed on any system with a browser, providing an alternative option for users who prefer not to use the native app.

➤ Conclusion
The addition of a new dark mode and an improved sidebar for WhatsApp Web reflects the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experience and maintaining visual consistency across different platforms. As these updates are still under development, users can look forward to experiencing the revamped dark theme and improved sidebar in a future update.

Now, let’s address some common questions related to this topic.


➤# Will the dark mode be available for all WhatsApp Web users?

The dark mode for WhatsApp Web is currently under development and is not widely available yet. However, it is expected to be rolled out to all users in a future update.

➤# What are the benefits of dark mode for WhatsApp Web?

Dark mode can reduce eye strain, especially in low-light environments, and conserve battery life for devices with OLED screens. It also provides a sleek and modern aesthetic that many users find appealing.

➤# Can WhatsApp Web be used on any browser?

Yes, WhatsApp Web is compatible with various web browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

➤# Is the dark mode feature optional?

Yes, once the dark mode is available, users will likely have the option to enable or disable it based on their preference.

In conclusion, the introduction of a new dark mode and improved sidebar for WhatsApp Web is set to enhance the overall user experience and align the web client with the aesthetics of the Android app. These updates are indicative of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to improve its platform and cater to the evolving preferences of its user base.

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