WhatsApp Channels’ upcoming polling feature begins to take shape


  • A new WhatsApp beta update for Android finally enables the polling feature inside Channels.
  • WhatsApp has been working on polls for Channels since at least November 2023.
  • The feature will work similarly to polls in 1-1 or group conversations, with votes and participants being anonymized for privacy.

WhatsApp’s feature set has vastly expanded over the past couple of years. Whether it is with features like Communities, Channels, or the ability to share high-resolution pictures and videos in a Status update, the chat app is constantly looking to get better. However, some basic functionalities, like polls, are missing from Channels. We’ve known that the company has been working on bringing polls to Channels for over two months now, and it’s now finally making its way to the beta channel.

Starting with WhatsApp beta for Android version, some beta testers have been able to find the polls option inside Channels, according to WABetaInfo. As with the early iteration of Channel polls, the option exists within the chat attachment page (paper clip icon). However, the polls icon appears to be of a different color this time around — green instead of yellow.

This color change appears to be the only difference between the two implementations of Channel polls. The feature should work similarly to polls shared in a 1-1 or group conversation, as revealed during the early stages of its development. Furthermore, all votes are supposedly anonymized, so the creator of the poll will never know how an individual has voted. As an additional safety measure, creators won’t know who has voted in the poll, either.

WhatsApp Channels' upcoming polling feature

The feature’s appearance on the beta channel after going through the developmental stages is good news. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find it even with this beta new version of WhatsApp for Android. But it shouldn’t be long until Channel polls roll onto the stable channel of the Meta-owned chat app.

Meanwhile, another WhatsApp beta update (v2.24.2.12) has already gone live via the Play Store, per a separate WABetaInfo report. But this doesn’t appear to be a major update, only focusing on remedying a bug. More specifically, users should now be able to see thumbnails of Status updates next to the contact’s name, which is a long-supported feature, but was broken following a beta update last week.

WhatsApp Channels' upcoming polling feature update

Although we’re only on day 13 of 2024, WhatsApp developers have already sent out a handful of beta updates to testers. After being present on iOS for a while, beta users on Android were finally able to try out advanced text formatting options on the app this week. We also learned that the company is working on letting users change the default green theme of WhatsApp, albeit only on iOS for now. Going by the past couple of weeks, this year could be busier than ever for one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.


When will the polling feature in WhatsApp Channels be available to all users?

While the polling feature is available in the beta version for some users, there is no specific timeline for when it will be rolled out to all users. However, it is expected to be available in the stable channel in the near future.

Will the polling feature in Channels be available for iOS users?

Currently, the focus has been on the Android beta version of WhatsApp. It remains to be seen when the polling feature will be introduced for iOS users.


The addition of the polling feature to WhatsApp Channels is a significant development, allowing users to engage in interactive conversations and gather feedback from their contacts. As WhatsApp continues to expand its feature set, it demonstrates a commitment to enhancing user experience and providing a versatile platform for communication.

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