WhatsApp Beta Testing Color Customization Feature

WhatsApp is known for being a popular platform for communication across the globe, and it is essential for the app to cater to the needs of both Android and iOS users. The latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS has introduced the ability to change the branding color of the chat app. This option offers users a choice between the default blue, green, white, pink, purple, and blue colors. Additionally, there are hints of possible customization options for chat bubbles as well.

Branding Color Options for WhatsApp

The beta version for WhatsApp on iOS has introduced the feature to change the branding color of the app, allowing users to personalize their experience. Currently, the stable version of WhatsApp for iOS is set to default blue, but the beta version is now offering a range of color options. This customization option is a welcome addition that allows users to make the app more personalized and tailored to their preferences.

WhatsApp beta ios app color

Potential Features and Customization Options

WhatsApp has been testing a green branding color for both Android and iOS beta versions, and with the latest iOS beta, it seems that the app developers are looking to provide more options for users to customize their app’s appearance. While WhatsApp already offers the ability to customize conversation backgrounds using wallpapers, the option to change the overall theme color is a new and exciting addition for users.

Furthermore, the beta version also hints at the possibility of changing the color of chat bubbles, a feature that could offer users an even deeper level of customization and personalization within the app.

Expectations for Android Version and Stable Release

As the visual and functional aspects of WhatsApp are shared between Android and iOS versions, it’s anticipated that these customization features will eventually be tested on the beta channel for Android as well. It is important to note that while the beta version presents these color customization options, there is no set timeline for when these features will be available on the stable version for all users. However, it is likely that the beta features will eventually make their way to the stable version after thorough testing and refinement.


The ability to customize the branding color and chat bubble colors within WhatsApp presents an exciting potential for users to personalize their app experience. While these features are currently in the beta phase and may not be immediately available to all users, they represent an innovative step towards providing more customization options within the app.


How can I change the branding color of WhatsApp?

The ability to change the branding color is currently available in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. Once the feature is made available on the stable version, you can change the branding color by accessing the settings within the app.

Will the color customization options be available for Android users?

While the feature is currently being tested on the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, it is expected that these customization options will eventually be available for Android users as well, following thorough testing and refinement.

When can we expect these features to be available on the stable version of WhatsApp?

There is no definitive timeline for when these features will be available on the stable version of WhatsApp. The introduction of these features to the stable version will depend on the completion of testing and refinement in the beta phase.

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