What I want to see from ChromeOS and Chromebooks in 2024

✍️What to Expect from ChromeOS and Chromebooks in 2024✍️

As ChromeOS and Chromebooks continue to evolve, there are several exciting developments and enhancements that consumers can anticipate in 2024. The recent advancements and releases have set the stage for a dynamic and innovative year ahead.

The upcoming year may bring significant changes and new features, including technology upgrades and product launches. Here are some anticipated highlights:

1. ✍️Introduction of Bard and Gemini✍️: It is hoped that Google will unveil Assistant features, such as Bard, to enhance the ChromeOS experience. These AI-infused advancements will add convenience and efficiency to the platform.

2. ✍️Expansion of Chromebook Tablets✍️: There’s a potential for the release of more Chromebook tablets, providing consumers with a wider array of options and features to cater to their preferences.

3. ✍️Revival of the Pixelbook✍️: The return of the Pixelbook, equipped with the latest AI features and advanced hardware, is eagerly awaited.

4. ✍️Improvements in the Steam Experience✍️: Google and Valve may continue to work towards enhancing the gaming experience on Chromebooks, potentially incorporating dedicated graphics cards to accommodate more graphic-intensive games.

As 2024 approaches, it’s clear that ChromeOS and Chromebooks are poised for growth and advancement. With the potential introduction of new features, devices, and improvements, the year ahead holds the promise of a more robust and adaptable platform for users.


1. *What is Bard in ChromeOS?*
Bard is an AI-powered Assistant feature that is anticipated to be integrated into ChromeOS, offering enhanced voice assistant capabilities and functionality.

2. *Will there be new Chromebook releases in 2024?*
There are expectations for the release of new Chromebook models in 2024, including potential advancements in hardware and software features.

3. *What improvements are expected in the Steam gaming experience on Chromebooks?*
The year 2024 may see efforts to enhance the gaming capabilities on Chromebooks, potentially including the integration of dedicated graphics cards for improved gaming performance.


As we look ahead to 2024, the ChromeOS and Chromebook ecosystem is positioned for exciting developments and enhancements. With the potential introduction of AI-powered features, new devices, and improvements in gaming experiences, users can anticipate a more dynamic and adaptable platform in the year to come. The evolving landscape of ChromeOS and Chromebooks points to a promising future with advanced capabilities and expanded opportunities for users.

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