What I want to see from accessories in 2024

# The Future of Smartphone Accessories in 2024

The world of smartphone accessories is ever-evolving, and as we look toward the future, there are a host of exciting developments on the horizon. From wireless charging advancements to innovative charging solutions, 2024 is gearing up to be a year filled with cutting-edge tech. Here’s a look at what to expect and what we hope to see from accessories in the upcoming year.

➤ Qi2 wireless charging on Android
The introduction of Qi2 wireless charging promises to revolutionize the way we power our devices. With the official launch of Qi2 in November, the stage is set for 2024 to witness the integration of this magnetic wireless charging feature in flagship phones. Anticipation is high, and we eagerly await its impact on the accessories market.

➤ Faster charging speeds in mainstream flagships
Charging speeds play a critical role in the accessories industry, and there’s a growing demand for faster charging capabilities in mainstream flagship phones. With companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, and OPPO pushing the boundaries with over 120W wired charging speeds, the pressure is on for brands like Samsung and Google to match these advancements. The call for faster charging speeds is resonating with consumers, and it’s a change that’s eagerly anticipated in the year ahead.

➤ Qi wireless charging gear with MagSafe support
The popularity of MagSafe accessories has soared, and there’s a strong appeal for versatile magnetic wireless chargers that support both iOS and Android devices. As Qi2 emerges as the new industry standard, accessory manufacturers are urged to embrace this technology and develop products that cater to the evolving needs of smartphone users. The convergence of Qi wireless charging and MagSafe support is poised to define the future of accessories.

➤ The end of proprietary smartwatch bands
The idea of a unified industry standard for smartwatch bands has gained momentum, but there are challenges, particularly with the emergence of proprietary connectors in certain smartwatches. The demand for universal quick-release watch bands is driving the call for more open compatibility across different devices. In the upcoming year, the hope is for a shift towards greater compatibility and accessibility when it comes to smartwatch bands.

➤ More hybrid chargers and charging solutions
The concept of hybrid chargers that combine multiple functions and offer versatile charging solutions is gaining traction. With innovations like the Anker 511 PowerCore Fusion 5K setting the benchmark, there’s a growing desire for more charging brands to explore and develop hybrid charging accessories. The prospect of having all-in-one charging solutions that eliminate the need for carrying multiple accessories is an exciting prospect to look forward to in 2024.

In the fast-paced world of smartphone accessories, the year 2024 holds the promise of significant advancements and exciting innovations. From wireless charging enhancements to revolutionary charging solutions, the future is brimming with possibilities.

➤ FAQs
➤# What is Qi2 wireless charging?
Qi2 wireless charging is the next iteration of the wireless charging standard, offering advancements in features and capabilities over its predecessor, Qi wireless charging.

➤# What are hybrid chargers?
Hybrid chargers are accessories that combine multiple functions, such as serving as both a charging brick and a portable power bank, offering versatile and all-in-one charging solutions.

➤# How will faster charging speeds impact the accessories market?
Faster charging speeds in mainstream flagship phones have the potential to drive the demand for more advanced charging accessories, including higher-powered chargers and power banks to support these capabilities.

➤ Conclusion
As we gear up for the year 2024, the landscape of smartphone accessories is brimming with potential. From the introduction of Qi2 wireless charging to the demand for faster charging speeds and innovative hybrid charging solutions, the future holds the promise of transformative advancements. With the accessories market poised for evolution, consumers can look forward to a host of exciting developments that will shape the way they interact with their devices.

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