Vehicles banned in Gujarat SN Agriculture University, cycles given to 400 students

The SN Agricultural University in Gujarat has recently implemented a ban on students using cars to commute to the campus. Instead, students are required to use bicycles as a means of transportation. The decision was made with the aim of conserving petrol and reducing the risk of accidents on campus. Additionally, there were complaints of some students engaging in bike stunts and instances of hooliganism, which the university hopes to curb through this new policy.
To accommodate the students, the university has made alternative arrangements. Out of the approximately 1900 students, 400 bicycles have already been provided, with each bicycle costing around Rs 8,000. The remaining students will also be provided with bicycles in the near future. It is worth noting that most of the students reside in hostels, and for their crop research and practical activities, they often need to travel around 12 km around the campus. The introduction of bicycles will facilitate their transportation needs for these purposes.

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