Urbanista is back with a new generation of light-powered headphones and earbuds

# Introducing Urbanista’s Second-Generation Light-Powered Headphones and Earbuds

Urbanista has unveiled its latest innovation, the second generation of its popular wireless headphones and earbuds, equipped with cutting-edge solar cell technology for self-charging capabilities. Unlike traditional headphones that rely solely on electrical outlets, Urbanista’s Los Angeles headphones and Phoenix earbuds utilize solar cell technology called Powerfoyle, enabling them to recharge using indoor or outdoor lighting in any condition. This new evolution in headphone technology offers an attractive solution for consumers seeking hassle-free, eco-friendly, and long-lasting audio devices.

➤ Key Points
Here’s a snapshot of Urbanista’s latest offerings:
– The Los Angeles headphones provide up to 60 hours of playtime and feature four microphones, while the Phoenix earbuds offer up to 32 hours of playback time with six microphones.
– Both products are equipped with adaptive noise-canceling technology, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and a transparency mode.

➤ Advantages Over Competitors
Urbanista’s light-powered headphones may have a competitive advantage over other brands entering the market. Sonos, a well-established name in the audio industry, is venturing into the headphones market with a product codenamed “Duke.” The Sonos headphones are expected to feature voice control and carry a higher price tag compared to Urbanista’s offerings.

➤ Pricing and Availability
The Los Angeles headphones are set to debut at $179, while the Phoenix earbuds will launch at $129, offering consumers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative in the competitive wireless audio market.

➤ Urbanista’s Solar-Powered Headphones: A Game Changer
Urbanista’s introduction of solar-powered headphones and earbuds marks a significant advancement in the evolution of wireless audio devices. With the ability to self-charge using ambient light, these products address the common inconvenience of running out of battery power, offering consumers a modern and sustainable audio solution.


➤# Can the headphones and earbuds be charged solely using solar power?
Yes, the second-generation Urbanista headphones and earbuds are designed with solar cell technology that allows them to recharge using indoor or outdoor lighting, ensuring they are self-charging and eliminating the need for an electrical outlet.

➤# Are the Los Angeles headphones and Phoenix earbuds compatible with voice assistants?
While not explicitly mentioned in the provided information, Urbanista’s previous products are compatible with voice assistants, so it’s likely that the new generation will also support voice commands.

➤# How does the pricing of Urbanista’s new offerings compare to similar products on the market?
With the Los Angeles headphones priced at $179 and the Phoenix earbuds at $129, Urbanista’s products offer a cost-effective option for consumers seeking high-quality wireless headphones and earbuds with advanced features.

➤ Conclusion
Urbanista’s foray into solar-powered headphones and earbuds sets a new standard in the wireless audio market, offering sustainable and convenient charging solutions while delivering high-quality sound and advanced features. As the demand for eco-friendly and innovative audio products grows, Urbanista’s light-powered headphones and earbuds position the brand as a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of wireless audio technology.

With the release of these second-generation audio devices, Urbanista has solidified its commitment to providing consumers with cutting-edge and environmentally conscious audio solutions, catering to the diverse needs of modern music enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals.

As the wireless audio market continues to expand, the introduction of Urbanista’s solar-powered headphones and earbuds brings a refreshing and forward-thinking option for consumers worldwide, offering a compelling alternative to traditional, battery-reliant devices.

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