Upgrade Your Car with Android Auto using a 6.8-inch Foldable Touchscreen

Mesay 6.8-inch Foldable Touchscreen Car Display

If you have an older car without a built-in display, accessing smart features like navigation apps and voice assistants on your phone while driving can be challenging and unsafe. However, with the Mesay 6.8-inch foldable touchscreen, you can easily integrate Android Auto into your car, providing a safer and more intuitive way to stay connected while on the road.

This display, currently available for just $96 (originally $160) at StackSocial, offers a range of features including rearview camera support, hands-free voice assistants, and various connection options such as Bluetooth and Screen Cast to mirror your phone’s display. By adding this accessory to your car, you can access your phone’s features without taking your eyes off the road, enhancing your driving experience.

Why Choose the Mesay Foldable Touchscreen with Android Auto Support

There are multiple compelling reasons to consider the Mesay 6.8-inch foldable touchscreen:

  • Improved Safety: By integrating Android Auto into your car, you can access your phone’s features through a touch screen or voice commands, reducing the need to handle your phone while driving.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: The display can connect to your phone through various means, allowing for hands-free use via Google Assistant and voice commands, as well as the ability to mirror your phone’s display for quick access to apps, messages, and calls.
  • Cost-Effective Upgrade: While displays like this can be pricey, the current discounted price makes it an attractive investment for anyone looking to enhance their car’s connectivity at a reasonable cost.

With the ability to transform your vehicle into a connected and safer driving environment, the Mesay foldable touchscreen offers a compelling solution for older vehicles lacking built-in smart features.


Is the Mesay 6.8-inch foldable touchscreen compatible with all Android phones?

Yes, the display is compatible with most Android phones that support Android Auto. It provides seamless integration with your phone’s features, including navigation apps, voice assistants, and more.

Can the display be easily installed in any car?

Yes, the Mesay foldable touchscreen is designed for easy installation in almost any car. It can be mounted securely and adjusted as needed for optimal viewing and functionality.

What are the key connectivity features of the Mesay foldable touchscreen?

The display offers multiple ways to connect to your phone, including Bluetooth for hands-free use, as well as the ability to mirror your phone’s display using Screen Cast technology.


The Mesay 6.8-inch foldable touchscreen offers an affordable and practical solution for adding Android Auto functionality to any car. With its intuitive design, multiple connectivity options, and safety-focused features, this accessory presents a compelling opportunity for drivers seeking to upgrade their vehicles with enhanced connectivity and convenience.

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