There’s finally an iPhone accessory that doesn’t make us jealous

# Introducing Clicks: A Physical Keyboard for iPhone

Many users recall a time when phones had physical buttons for typing, and with the evolution of smartphones, the need for physical keyboards seemed to have disappeared. However, the nostalgia for the tactile experience of typing with buttons remains for some users. Now, an accessory called Clicks aims to cater to this desire by offering a physical keyboard for the iPhone.

Clicks is a “creator keyboard” designed for iPhone models 14 Pro, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. It provides the tactile feel of physical buttons and resembles older Android phones like the Palm Pre or BlackBerry Priv. The keyboard attaches to the iPhone, providing a protective case while offering a classic 2009 Palm Pre look. The creators promise a “perfect balance” of click resistance and feedback for accurate and speedy typing.

➤ The Clicks Experience

The Clicks keyboard maintains the standard iPhone layout and includes keys for voice input, commands, and tabs to ensure a seamless user experience. However, it’s important to consider alternative options like keyboard apps and AI integration, which may offer more practical and cost-effective solutions for improving typing experiences on smartphones.

➤# Clicks vs. Alternative Solutions

While Clicks offers a nostalgic solution for those who miss physical keyboards, other options like Gboard, with features that allow resizing the keyboard on the display, may provide a more adaptable solution. Samsung is also rumored to be integrating AI features into its keyboard to assist with typing. It’s essential for users to weigh the pros and cons of physical keyboards versus digital alternatives before investing in an accessory like Clicks.

➤ A Look Back: Past Attempts at Physical iPhone Keyboards

The concept of physical keyboards for iPhones is not entirely new. In 2014, Typo introduced a physical keyboard for iPhones, which mimicked the BlackBerry look. This foray into physical keyboards utilized Bluetooth for communication and charged via Micro USB, offering a different approach from Clicks’ design.

In conclusion, while Clicks offers a unique solution for iPhone users who miss the physical typing experience, it’s important to evaluate the potential drawbacks and consider alternative solutions available in the market.

# FAQs
➤ 1. Is Clicks compatible with all iPhone models?
Clicks is specifically designed for iPhone models 14 Pro, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max.

➤ 2. How does Clicks attach to the iPhone?
Clicks snugly attaches to the bottom of the iPhone, providing both a physical keyboard and a protective case.

➤ 3. Can Clicks be used alongside other keyboard apps?
While Clicks offers a physical keyboard experience, users can still utilize keyboard apps alongside it, allowing for a hybrid typing experience.

➤ Conclusion
Clicks may appeal to those who miss the tactile feel of physical keyboards on smartphones. However, with the advancement of digital keyboard technology and alternative solutions, it’s crucial for users to carefully consider their typing preferences and needs before investing in Clicks or similar physical keyboard accessories for their iPhones.

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