The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Introduces Gorilla Armor for Enhanced Durability


  • Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 series features Gorilla Armor, which is four times more resistant to scratches and everyday wear than conventional mineral glass.
  • Gorilla Armor’s durability claims came from controlled lab tests, and real-world testing will provide a more accurate assessment of its performance.
  • While some users may be hesitant to use a screen protector, it could be a worthwhile investment for those expecting rough use of their devices.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series has raised the bar in the smartphone industry with the introduction of Gorilla Armor, bringing enhanced durability to its latest flagship models. The use of Gorilla Armor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra marks a significant shift from the previous generation, where Gorilla Glass Victus 2 was used to protect the devices. This new Gorilla Armor is touted to offer four times more resistance to micro scratches and everyday wear than traditional mineral glass.

Corning, the manufacturer behind Gorilla Glass, conducted extensive tests in controlled environments to validate the durability claims of Gorilla Armor. These tests simulated everyday use scenarios and demonstrated the heightened resilience of Gorilla Armor compared to conventional aluminosilicate glass. Additionally, drop tests on concrete revealed that Gorilla Armor outperformed competing aluminosilicate glass in terms of impact resistance. This advancement in glass technology is also accompanied by a 75% reduction in reflections, enhancing the optical clarity of the devices.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series
Source: Samsung/YouTube

While Corning’s lab tests provide valuable insights into the performance of Gorilla Armor, real-world testing from reputable creators, such as Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything, is essential to provide a more comprehensive assessment. Validating the claims through practical durability experiments will ensure a more realistic evaluation of the technology’s capabilities.

Considering the potential benefits of Gorilla Armor, users may want to consider investing in a screen protector for their Galaxy S24, S24+, or S24 Ultra, especially if they anticipate subjecting the devices to rigorous use. While some individuals may have reservations about using protective measures due to concerns about altering the device’s feel and finish, the added safeguard could prove to be a prudent decision in prolonging the device’s pristine condition.


What is Gorilla Armor?

Gorilla Armor is a new glass technology introduced by Corning, known for its Gorilla Glass, which offers enhanced durability and resistance to scratches and everyday wear. It has been incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S24 series to provide heightened protection for the devices’ displays.

How does Gorilla Armor compare to previous glass technologies?

Gorilla Armor is claimed to be four times more resistant to micro scratches and everyday wear than conventional mineral glass. It also boasts improved impact resistance and reduced reflections, offering enhanced optical clarity.

Should I use a screen protector with the Galaxy S24 series?

While the Galaxy S24 series features Gorilla Armor for enhanced durability, using a screen protector could still be beneficial, especially for users expecting rough use of their devices. A screen protector can provide an additional layer of protection against scratches and minor impacts.


The inclusion of Gorilla Armor in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series represents a significant advancement in display protection technology, offering users enhanced durability and resistance to everyday wear. While the claims of Gorilla Armor’s superior performance are backed by controlled lab tests, real-world testing by reputable creators will provide a more comprehensive assessment of its capabilities. For users seeking to safeguard their devices, considering the use of a screen protector could be a prudent decision to ensure prolonged protection and optimal condition of their Galaxy S24, S24+, or S24 Ultra.

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