The Galaxy Watch 3 gets a taste of Wear OS 4 with a new update

# Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Update: New Faces from One UI 5 for TizenOS-powered Smartwatch

Samsung is dedicated to keeping the Galaxy Watch 3 up to date with new features, bringing it to par with the existing Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series. The latest update for the Galaxy Watch 3, rolling out in European regions, introduces two new watch faces: Stretched Time and Perpetual from the One UI 5 Watch. Even though the Galaxy Watch 3 is powered by TizenOS, the update incorporates features from One UI 5, a promise fulfilled by Samsung.

This update follows the previous major update in September 2022, which brought Pro analog and Gradient number watch faces from the Watch 5. Additionally, it introduced snore detection as a health feature. Despite the Galaxy Watch 3 running TizenOS version, it’s laudable that Samsung is bringing advanced features to older generation smartwatches.

The update is expected to extend to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which was released in 2019. Samsung is demonstrating its commitment to support for older wearables, despite transitioning to Wear OS with their newer models.


➤# Is the update available worldwide?
At present, the update is only being rolled out in European regions. However, it is expected to reach other regions in the near future.

➤# Will older models receive similar updates?
Samsung has shown commitment to supporting older models, as seen with the Galaxy Watch 3 and the upcoming update for the Galaxy Watch Active 2, so it’s likely that older models will continue to receive new features and updates.

➤# Are there any other features included in the update?
Aside from the new watch faces, no other features have been explicitly mentioned in the current update. However, Samsung has a track record of implementing additional features alongside aesthetic updates.

➤ Conclusion

With the latest update for the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting older wearable devices with new features and updates. The introduction of new watch faces from the One UI 5 Watch for the TizenOS-powered smartwatch showcases Samsung’s dedication to providing a seamless user experience and ensuring that even older devices remain relevant in the ever-evolving smartwatch market.

As technology continues to advance, the support for older devices will be crucial for maintaining a positive user experience and ensuring that users can continue to enjoy their smartwatches for years to come. Samsung’s efforts to extend support to older models like the Galaxy Watch 3 and the upcoming update for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 are a testament to their commitment to their user base and the longevity of their products.

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