Some Samsung and Pixel Users Facing Issues with Galaxy Watch Companion App

Recently, a bug has been discovered that is affecting some users of Google Pixel smartphones, preventing them from using the Galaxy Wearable app with Samsung’s smartwatches. Reports indicate that the bug appears to have emerged following the January 2024 update that rolled out to Pixel devices this week. This issue is impacting multiple models of the Galaxy Watch, including the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 6.

Users have reported that the Galaxy Watch unpaired itself from their Pixel smartphones and refused to pair again after the bug manifested. Additionally, a related issue affecting Galaxy smartphones has been uncovered, although it appears to be less widespread at this time.

While some potential remedies have been suggested, such as changing the date on the device, these are not comprehensive solutions. The cause of these troubles with the Galaxy Wearable app is not definitively known, but many indications point toward the January 2024 update as the likely culprit. It has been suggested that a fix may be included in next month’s update for Pixel phones or that Samsung may release an updated version of the Galaxy Wearable app carrying the necessary fix.

Efforts to address this issue are ongoing, with both Google and Samsung being contacted for potential workarounds and timelines for a fix. As user reports continue to grow, it is expected that both companies will work to address the issue promptly. It is important to note that these issues only impact Samsung Galaxy Watch models, and not other Samsung products such as earbuds.

Despite these issues, Samsung’s most recent smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 6, has been acclaimed as the best smartwatch of 2023, highlighting its overall excellence despite these current technical challenges.


1. Is the issue with the Galaxy Wearable app affecting all Samsung Galaxy Watch models?

The issue is reported to be affecting multiple models of the Galaxy Watch, including the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and the more recent Galaxy Watch 6.

2. Are there any potential workarounds for the problem with the Galaxy Wearable app?

Some users have suggested changing the date on the device as a potential workaround, but this is not a comprehensive solution. As of now, there is no definitive fix available, and users are advised to await official updates from Google and Samsung.

3. How has Samsung responded to the issue with the Galaxy Wearable app?

Samsung has not officially addressed the issue, but efforts to resolve the problem are ongoing. It is expected that Samsung will work to address the issue promptly as user reports continue to grow.


The reported issues with the Galaxy Wearable app and Samsung Galaxy Watches are an unfortunate technical challenge for some users. However, it is reassuring to see that efforts are underway to address this issue, and it is expected that both Google and Samsung will work diligently to provide a solution. In the meantime, affected users are encouraged to monitor for official updates and announcements from both companies and to refrain from implementing unofficial or unverified workarounds.

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