Save $170 on the Galaxy Tab S9+ with Limited-Time Coupon

Source: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ is currently available with a $170 discount. Priced at $830, down from $1000, this deal is made possible through a combination of an on-page coupon and an instant discount. The high-performance tablet features a 12.4″ AMOLED display, 12GB RAM, and 256GB storage, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a premium Android tablet.

Why Choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

If you appreciate top-grade hardware and specifications, the Galaxy Tab S9+ offers an array of appealing features. With a stunning AMOLED display and a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, smooth scrolling is guaranteed. The tablet is powered by the Gen 2 Snapdragon 8 processor and boasts 12GB of RAM, offering swift app launches and seamless web browsing. Its versatility for media consumption, gaming, note-taking, and drawing is enhanced by the inclusion of a highly responsive S Pen, IP68 water resistance, and four powerful stereo speakers.

How to Redeem the Discount

To access the $170 discount, visit B&H Photo Video’s website, where you can clip the on-page coupon before completing your purchase. The final price of $830 before taxes also comes with free 2-day shipping.


1. Where can I redeem the coupon for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+?

The discount is available on B&H Photo Video’s website. Simply visit the product page and locate the “Clip Coupon” option situated below the price tag before checking out.

2. Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ suitable for gaming and media consumption?

Yes, the tablet is well-suited for gaming and offers an excellent media consumption experience with its large AMOLED display and stereo speakers.

3. What are the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+?

The tablet features a 12.4″ AMOLED display, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and an S Pen stylus. It also boasts IP68 water resistance and a high-quality stereo speaker system.


With its powerful performance, stunning display, and versatile features, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ stands out as an excellent high-end Android tablet. The current $170 discount makes it an even more enticing option for those in the market for a premium device.

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