Samsung says the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s washed out display is intended behavior

# Samsung’s Explanation for the Washed-Out Display on the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, has been making waves with its range of new features and technological advancements. However, one aspect of the phone that has garnered attention is the perceived washed-out display compared to its predecessor, the S21 Ultra. Users have raised concerns about the lack of vibrancy and bold hues in the Vivid color profile, which can be found under Settings → Display → Screen Mode. Reports on this issue prompted speculation about potential software bugs or hardware-related factors.

However, Samsung Spain has confirmed that the subdued display on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is intentional and not a defect. The company has stated that the adjustments made to the Vivid profile are designed to provide a more natural viewing experience. This official stance suggests that the changes in color depth and brightness are deliberate alterations aimed at enhancing the overall visual presentation.

The feedback from users has been mixed, with some expressing disappointment at the subdued colors, particularly long-time users of Samsung’s Ultra series who have become accustomed to the vibrancy of previous models. While Samsung has acknowledged the potential for software improvements based on customer feedback, the company’s current position emphasizes the intentional nature of the display behavior on the S24 Ultra.

This revelation has prompted a range of responses within the Samsung Community and other online forums. With the issue generating significant attention, Samsung is encouraging users to share their feedback, affirming its commitment to continually improving the software and user experience based on market and consumer interests.

➤ FAQs

➤# Why does the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display appear washed out?
Samsung has confirmed that the subdued display on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, particularly in the Vivid color profile, is an intentional adjustment aimed at providing a more natural viewing experience.

➤# Will there be any software updates to address the display issue?
Samsung has indicated its willingness to evolve its stance based on customer feedback and continuously improve the software and user experience.

➤# How have users responded to Samsung’s explanation?
There have been mixed reactions from users, with some expressing disappointment at the subdued colors, while others have acknowledged Samsung’s commitment to deliver an improved viewing experience.

➤# Can the subdued display impact the overall user experience?
The subdued colors in the Vivid color profile may disappoint long-time Galaxy Ultra series users who are accustomed to bold hues. However, the impact on the overall user experience remains subjective and varies from user to user.

➤ Conclusion

While the Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts numerous upgrades and enhancements, the intentional subdued display behavior has sparked debates among users. Samsung’s explanation sheds light on the deliberate changes made to the Vivid color profile and reaffirms the company’s commitment to listening to customer feedback and making potential software improvements. As the discussion continues within the Samsung Community and other channels, users have the opportunity to voice their opinions and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the S24 Ultra’s visual experience.

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