Samsung likely to announce the launch of Galaxy S24 series on January 18, 2024

Samsung is set to continue its tradition of introducing its flagship Galaxy S series in the first quarter of the year, with the upcoming Galaxy S24 series expected to arrive early. According to a reliable leakster, Ice Universe, the Unpacked event for the Galaxy S24 is rumoured to take place on January 18.

This early launch is a departure from the usual schedule but is driven by practical reasons. Samsung and Qualcomm are planning to release their next-generation chipsets earlier than usual, and by launching the Galaxy S24 series in January, Samsung will be able to take advantage of these new chipsets. This ensures that the final products will be ready and optimized for the new chipsets, providing an enhanced user experience.

The last time Samsung launched a Galaxy S series in January was in 2021 with the Galaxy S21 lineup. The reason behind that early launch was to introduce a refreshed lineup during the pandemic and maintain consumer demand. This time, the early launch is more strategically aligned with the availability of the new chipsets.

Samsung’s Galaxy S series has been highly anticipated and well-received over the years, and the early launch of the Galaxy S24 series indicates the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the smartphone market. By leveraging the latest chipsets, Samsung aims to deliver improved performance, efficiency, and features to its users.

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