Samsung inches closer to the Galaxy Tab A9’s US launch

# Samsung Galaxy Tab A9: Anticipation for the US Launch

Samsung’s latest midrange tablet lineup has been creating a buzz worldwide, and fans in the US are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Galaxy Tab A9 series. Listings briefly appearing on the Samsung US online store have sparked anticipation for the launch of these innovative tablets in the country.

➤ Key points

– Samsung is rumored to be preparing for the US release of the Galaxy Tab A9 tablets, following brief appearances of the listings on the Samsung US online store.
– The 11-inch Galaxy Tab A9+ was listed with a price tag of $270, and a student discount was also mentioned. The price of the smaller variant is yet to be disclosed.
– The Tab A9+ boasts different screen sizes and connectivity options, with 5G support, while the entry-level Galaxy Tab A9 only features LTE connectivity. Both models provide expandable storage options.

➤ The Ascent Closer to a US Debut

Samsung, renowned for its high-end tablets, has generated excitement with the launch of two Galaxy Tab A9 tablets earlier this October. Speculations are rife that they are inching closer to their US debut, as listings for the tablets briefly appeared on the Samsung US online store but were subsequently taken down.

Reddit user u/tak3nus3rname first spotted the T-Mobile version of the tablet. Another user also found the Verizon-bound Galaxy Tab A9+, capturing a screenshot of the listing. Although the listed prices hinted at $270 for the 11-inch Galaxy Tab A9+, the price of the smaller model and its availability in the US remains uncertain. The listing also indicated a student discount, making the anticipated tablets more attractive to prospective buyers.

The leaked listing displayed the “Graphite” colorway, and there are expectations that the “Silver” and “Navy” variants might also be brought to the US.

➤ What to Expect

The specific launch date for the Galaxy Tab A9+ in the US is yet to be confirmed. However, enthusiasts believe that it is only a matter of time before the listing goes live. The tablets are already available in various parts of the world, so their hardware specifications are well-known.

The Galaxy Tab A9 comes with an 8.7-inch LCD screen, while the Tab A9+ offers an 11-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate. Both tablets are equipped with the Snapdragon 695 SoC, a notable upgrade from the predecessor’s Unisoc chipset. Both models provide cellular connectivity, with 5G support exclusive to the Galaxy Tab A9+ and the entry-level model featuring LTE connectivity. Customers will have options for 64GB and 128GB of storage, paired with 4GB and 8GB of RAM, respectively, with a microSD card slot also available.

The Galaxy Tab A9+ features a 7,040 mAh battery with a maximum charging speed of 15W. This large capacity ensures the tablet can last for extended periods between charges.

➤ Alternatives and Recommendations

While awaiting the US launch of the Galaxy Tab A9, those in search of tablets might want to explore the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE lineup, which offers enhanced features for a slightly higher price.


➤# When will the Galaxy Tab A9 be available in the US?
The exact release date is yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be available in the US soon, considering the brief appearance of listings on the Samsung US online store.

➤# What are the main differences between the Galaxy Tab A9 and A9+?
The Galaxy Tab A9+ features an 11-inch display with 5G support, while the Galaxy Tab A9 offers an 8.7-inch LCD screen with LTE connectivity.

➤# Will the Galaxy Tab A9 be available with a student discount in the US?
The leaked listing hinted at a student discount for the 11-inch Galaxy Tab A9+, but it is uncertain if this discount will be available to all buyers in the US.

➤ Conclusion

The imminent arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 series in the US is sparking anticipation and excitement among tech enthusiasts and potential buyers. With its diverse range of features, hardware specifications, and potential pricing, the tablets are poised to make an impact in the midrange tablet market, offering a compelling alternative for consumers looking for a sophisticated yet affordable device. As the listings on the Samsung US online store hinted at the tablets’ impending launch, it’s only a matter of time before tech enthusiasts can get their hands on these highly anticipated tablets.

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