Samsung copied Apple’s worst always-on display idea for the Galaxy S24

# Samsung Copies Apple’s Always-On Display for Galaxy S24

At the recent Samsung event, the Galaxy S24 series was unveiled, featuring an unexpected Apple-inspired always-on display as the default setting. This move has drawn attention as it closely resembles Apple’s controversial implementation of the feature, which was met with mixed reception upon release. Despite the similarities, Samsung has introduced a unique twist to its version of the feature that sets it apart from Apple’s implementation.

➤ Always-On Display: Apple vs Samsung

Samsung’s new default always-on display on the Galaxy S24 seems inspired by Apple, featuring muted colors and the backdrop of the lock screen, reminiscent of Apple’s initial always-on display concept. However, Samsung has added a distinguishing feature allowing users to cut out the main focus of the lock screen to minimize distractions, a capability not present in Apple’s implementation.

➤# Notable Addition: Background Erasure

A notable addition to Samsung’s implementation is the ability to automatically erase the background from the always-on display if the wallpaper has a defined subject, providing the user with a more personalized and less distracting experience.

➤ User Experience and Preferences

While the new always-on display concept offers an interesting way to eliminate background elements and focus on the lock screen’s main subject, it may not appeal to all users. Some users, like the author, may prefer to keep the always-on display on a black setting due to brightness and distraction concerns.

➤ Conclusion

With the Galaxy S24 now available for pre-order, users have the opportunity to experience Samsung’s Apple-inspired always-on display firsthand. The addition of this feature is a clear indication of Samsung’s efforts to innovate and provide unique user experiences on its flagship devices.


➤ How does Samsung’s always-on display differ from Apple’s implementation?

Samsung’s always-on display on the Galaxy S24 closely resembles Apple’s controversial implementation, featuring muted colors and the backdrop of the lock screen. However, Samsung has added a unique feature that allows users to automatically erase the background from the always-on display, providing a more personalized experience.

➤ Can users customize the always-on display on the Galaxy S24?

Yes, users can customize the always-on display by toggling off the “Show Lock screen wallpaper” option to revert to a black display. Additionally, users can choose to keep the always-on display on the default setting or utilize the background erasure feature for a more personalized experience.

➤ Will the always-on display feature be available on older Samsung devices?

As reported by SamMobile, the always-on display feature is rumored to be exclusive to the Galaxy S24 series and may not be coming to older Samsung devices.

In conclusion, Samsung’s adoption of the Apple-inspired always-on display for the Galaxy S24 presents a significant addition to the user experience, offering a unique twist on a controversial feature and providing users with greater customization options.✍️Introducing Samsung’s Latest Galaxy S24 Series: What You Need to Know✍️

Samsung has released its latest Galaxy S24 series, offering a range of impressive features to cater to different user preferences. Whether you’re after a more compact phone or a powerhouse device, there’s something for everyone in this lineup. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra.

✍️Samsung Galaxy S24: Perfect Balance of Size and Power✍️

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is designed with a focus on maximizing its limited screen real estate. It boasts a larger battery and smaller bezels compared to its predecessors, making it a great option for individuals seeking a more pocket-friendly device. Despite its smaller form factor, the Galaxy S24 does not compromise on performance, making it an ideal choice for those who value portability without sacrificing power.

✍️Samsung Galaxy S24+: The All-Rounder with Enhanced Display✍️

If you’re in the market for an all-around impressive smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ might be the perfect fit for you. Priced at $1,000, this device offers an upgraded display and a slightly redesigned chassis, all while retaining the AI features found in the more premium models. The Galaxy S24+ strikes a balance between affordability and enhanced features, making it a compelling choice for users who want premium functionality without breaking the bank.

✍️Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Unmatched Power and Performance✍️

For power users seeking unparalleled performance and a stunning display, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra delivers on all fronts. With its massive 6.8-inch screen and cutting-edge Galaxy AI platform, this device is tailored to meet the demands of heavy users. Not only does it offer a compelling alternative to other flagship devices, but it also presents a worthy competitor to the Pixel 8 Pro. If you’re in need of a top-tier smartphone experience, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is a strong contender.


✍️Q: What are the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series?✍️
A: The Galaxy S24 series boasts a range of features including enhanced displays, improved battery life, and powerful AI capabilities. Each model caters to different user preferences, from compact design to high-performance specifications.

✍️Q: How does the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra compare to its competitors?✍️
A: The Galaxy S24 Ultra competes favorably with other flagship devices in terms of performance and display quality. Its advanced AI platform and large screen make it a competitive option for users seeking a premium smartphone experience.

✍️Q: Are there any notable changes in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series?✍️
A: The Galaxy S24 series introduces smaller bezels and redesigned chassis, offering a more modern and sleek aesthetic compared to previous models.

✍️In Conclusion✍️

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series offers a compelling lineup of smartphones, catering to diverse user needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize portability, display quality, or high-performance capabilities, there’s a Galaxy S24 model tailored to meet your requirements. With its array of features and options, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series stands as a strong competitor in the smartphone market, appealing to a wide range of users.

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