Result of poor game in FIFA World Cup, America is down from top after 6 years

The United States’ underwhelming performance in the FIFA Women’s World Cup has resulted in a decline in their ranking. The team has slipped from the top spot to the third position, losing two places in the new rankings. Spain, the tournament winner, has climbed up to the second position, surpassing the United States by a margin of four places. However, Spain missed out on claiming the top spot after suffering a 0-4 defeat to Japan in the league.
Sweden, the team that was defeated by Spain in the semi-finals, has now claimed the number one position in the rankings. England, the runners-up in the World Cup, have maintained their fourth-place position. France, another strong contender in the tournament, currently holds the fifth position. Germany, which secured a top-two position in the previous year, has experienced a drop of four places and now occupies the sixth position.

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