RCS on Google Messages finally supports dual SIM

➤ Google Messages Introduces Dual SIM Support for RCS Messaging

Google has introduced a new feature in its Messages app that allows seamless support for switching between different SIM cards when using RCS messaging. This update has been spotted in the latest Google Messages beta and has already been functional for some testers.

Here is a brief rundown of the new feature:
– Users can now activate RCS on both SIMs and easily switch between them to send messages.
– New strings and flags have surfaced in the latest Google Messages beta, indicating that the app is working on dual SIM support for RCS.
– Users can now tick on or off either of the two SIM cards underneath the regular toggle to turn on RCS.
– Within an RCS chat, buttons and markers are available to differentiate between the two SIM cards and users can quickly change the SIM card being used to send a message.

RCS, or Rich Communication Services, has been around for more than a decade and was initially slow to become widespread. However, Google Messages played a significant role in its adoption. The addition of dual SIM support for RCS messaging is a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience for those using dual SIM phones.

➤# FAQ
➤➤ What is RCS messaging?
RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging is a modern communication protocol designed to replace SMS messaging with a richer, more interactive experience. It allows users to send and receive messages over a data connection, enabling features such as read receipts, typing indicators, and high-resolution images and videos.

➤➤ How can I activate dual SIM support for RCS in Google Messages?
You can activate dual SIM support by accessing the settings in the Google Messages app and toggling on or off the SIM card you want to use for RCS messaging.

➤➤ Will this feature be available for all users?
While the feature is currently functional in the beta version of Google Messages, it is expected to roll out to all users using the stable release in the near future.

➤# Conclusion
The addition of dual SIM support for RCS messaging in Google Messages is a welcome update that enhances the messaging experience for users of dual SIM phones. With the ability to seamlessly switch between different SIM cards, users can now fully utilize the benefits of RCS messaging without limitations. It is anticipated that this feature will be made available to all users in the stable release of Google Messages in the near future, further expanding the capabilities of RCS messaging.

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