Punjab: Ghanaur student dies of heart attack in Canada on the first day of college

Tragedy struck the family of 19-year-old Manjot Singh from Shambhu Khurd village in Ghanaur, Punjab. Manjot had recently gone to Canada for his studies, but sadly, he passed away due to a heart attack. He had only been in Canada since August 7th and was about to start his first day of classes at college when the incident occurred. Manjot collapsed in the college bathroom and succumbed to the heart attack.
Upon receiving the devastating news, Manjot’s father, Karamjeet Singh, shared that they were informed by Manjot’s cousin, Amandeep Singh, who resides in Canada. The Canadian police contacted Amandeep to inform him about Manjot’s sudden demise.
The family is now facing a difficult situation as they are unable to afford the expenses required to bring Manjot’s body back to India. Karamjeet Singh explained that it would cost around Rs 18 to 20 lakh, which they simply cannot afford. Being a middle-class family, they had already taken out loans to finance Manjot’s education abroad, leaving them with limited financial resources.

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