PUNBUS and PRTC employees on strike from tomorrow for their demands

A stormy meeting was held by the Ludhiana PUNBUS PRTC Contract Workers Union at the Ludhiana Depot, led by President Satnam Singh. The meeting aimed to address the upcoming struggles faced by the workers and inform them about the demands that were accepted by the government during previous meetings.
Gurpreet Waraich, the Depot General Secretary, informed the workers about the accepted demands, which included a 5% increase in salary and the reinstatement of fired workers. These demands were confirmed in writing by the Transport Secretary. However, some officials within the department are deliberately causing trouble for the workers, leading to frustration and anger among the union members.
As a result of this mistreatment, the Jathebandhi, along with Jatinder Singh Soni, Tarvinder Singh, and others, have decided to organize an indefinite strike starting on September 20. They plan to surround the Chief Minister’s residence in Chandigarh to draw attention to their grievances and demand justice.

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