OnePlus Makes a Comeback in Germany After Patent Dispute With Nokia

Great news for German shoppers! OnePlus has resumed its operations in the German market after a 17-month hiatus due to a patent dispute with Nokia. German customers can now purchase OnePlus Open, 12, and 12R models directly from the OnePlus website. This development comes on the heels of OnePlus and Oppo signing a 5G patent license sharing agreement with Nokia, effectively resolving the litigation between the companies.

During the hiatus, there were rumors about OnePlus and Oppo potentially withdrawing from the European market, but both companies refuted these claims, reaffirming their commitment to invest in Europe and provide innovative products and solutions for their users. The recent agreement with Nokia further underscores their dedication to global growth.

The resolution of the patent feud is a significant step for OnePlus and Oppo, as it not only allows them to re-enter the German market but also signifies the end of a longstanding legal battle with Nokia. German customers can now look forward to accessing the latest OnePlus smartphones and experiencing the companies’ continued commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What models are available for purchase in Germany?

German customers can purchase OnePlus Open, 12, and 12R models through the official OnePlus website.

2. What led to OnePlus’ hiatus from the German market?

A patent dispute with Nokia, specifically concerning 4G connectivity technology, led to a 17-month prohibition on the sale of OnePlus devices in Germany.

3. What agreement resolved the litigation between OnePlus, Oppo, and Nokia?

OnePlus and Oppo signed a 5G patent license sharing agreement with Nokia, putting an end to the legal dispute and allowing them to resume operations in the German market.

4. Are OnePlus and Oppo committed to the European market?

Both companies have reaffirmed their commitment to investing in Europe and providing innovative products and solutions for their users, dispelling earlier rumors about potential market withdrawal.


The return of OnePlus to the German market marks a significant milestone for the company and its sister brand, Oppo. The resolution of their patent dispute with Nokia paves the way for continued growth and innovation in the European market. With a renewed focus on delivering high-quality smartphones and cutting-edge technology, German customers can look forward to experiencing the latest offerings from OnePlus and Oppo.

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