OnePlus is bringing AI to its phones after all

# OnePlus Introduces AI Features to its Flagship Phones in China

OnePlus has recently rolled out a ColorOS update for its flagship phones, the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12, in China, integrating three generative AI features. These features include an AI Summarizer for phone calls, an image editing tool called AIGC Remover, and an article summary generator. This move puts OnePlus in line with other tech giants such as Google and Samsung, who have already incorporated similar generative AI capabilities in their smartphones.

➤ The Story Behind OnePlus’ AI Features Update

Initially, the OnePlus 12 did not come with any AI features at launch. However, the recent ColorOS update for OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12 in China has introduced these advancements. The AI Summarizer extracts key information from phone calls, the AIGC Remover allows users to edit photos by removing objects and people, and the article summary feature generates summarized content with a single tap. These features, while not as advanced as some of its competitors, mark the beginning of OnePlus’ foray into the AI space.

In addition to the AI features, the update also brings other improvements such as the ability to access the fingerprint scanner without waking the phone and new device motion and orientation permissions.


➤# Will these AI features be available on global versions of OnePlus flagships running on OxygenOS?
While it is not confirmed, since both ColorOS and OxygenOS are similar, it is likely that these features may be introduced in global versions as well.

➤# How do these AI features compare to those of other smartphone brands like Google and Samsung?
While OnePlus’ AI features are a good start, they may not be as advanced as those offered by other brands. Google and Samsung offer more sophisticated generative AI capabilities on their smartphones.

➤ Conclusion

The addition of generative AI capabilities to OnePlus’ flagship phones in China is a significant step for the company. It demonstrates their commitment to keeping up with industry trends and enhancing the user experience with innovative features. As OnePlus continues to expand its AI offerings, it remains to be seen how these features will be embraced by users and whether they will be introduced to the global market.

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