Motorola MA1 Android Auto Wireless Adapter – A Game Changer for Your Car

Looking for an easier access to Android Auto in your car? The Motorola MA1 is now available at its best price all year, just over $60. This wireless Android Auto adapter has gained popularity in 2023 and is currently almost $30 off, making it an attractive deal for anyone looking to upgrade their car tech at a discounted rate.

Motorola MA1

Motorola MA1

Save $29

The Motorola MA1 adds wireless Android Auto to your car in just a few seconds with as little fuss as possible. Designed in collaboration with Google, it works surprisingly well on a wide range of vehicles but lacks advanced configuration options. Right now, it’s down to just $61, which is the lowest price in over a year.

Why We Love the Motorola MA1

The MA1 is one of the go-to picks for wireless Android Auto with a good-looking yet simple design, a reliable connection between your phone and the gadget, and it’s also among the more affordable options. Vehicle compatibility is good, but check that your car will work with this, as it isn’t always the case. Motorola’s website isn’t very clear on compatibility, so you may find you have to specifically visit your vehicle’s website to check whether it will work. Your car will also need to be compatible with Android Auto, so make sure you’ve got that before investing in this.

If it does work with your vehicle, it allows you to just jump into your car, so you can use Android Auto without having to physically plug your device into your car. It negates the need for cables, and it can make setting yourself up on Android Auto during smaller trips a breeze compared to fiddling with it each time you enter your vehicle.

Get the deal from Amazon now, as it’s likely to be available until stock lasts. Given that this price hasn’t been seen in over a year, it’s uncertain when it will next be this low. If the adapter isn’t available, there are alternative wireless Android Auto adapters to explore, each with its own set of features and benefits.


1. Can I use the Motorola MA1 wireless adapter in any car?

The MA1 is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, but some car models, such as certain Mitsubishi cars, might not work with it. It’s important to check the compatibility of your car with the adapter before making a purchase.

2. Does my car need to be compatible with Android Auto for the adapter to work?

Yes, your car needs to be compatible with Android Auto for the Motorola MA1 wireless adapter to function effectively. Make sure to confirm the compatibility of your vehicle with Android Auto before investing in the adapter.


The Motorola MA1 wireless adapter offers a convenient and affordable way to bring wireless Android Auto to your car. With its current discount, it presents a valuable opportunity for those looking to enhance their in-car connectivity. Make sure to verify your car’s compatibility, and if the Motorola MA1 isn’t available, explore other options in the market to find the perfect device for your needs.

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