Microsoft Edge could trump Chrome on Android with a new must-have feature

# Microsoft Edge May Soon Surpass Chrome on Android with New Extension Feature

Web browsers are an essential tool for navigating the online world, and Microsoft is making an impressive move in the mobile browser space. The lack of feature parity between the desktop and mobile versions of Chromium-based browsers has been a long-standing frustration for users. Google Chrome, built on the Chromium browser project, is a popular choice among Android users, but its lack of support for browser extensions on mobile has been a pain point.

However, Microsoft has been working on addressing this issue by adding support for extensions in Edge for Android. This new feature will allow users to install useful tools and functionalities, even before they are supported on Chrome, giving Edge a potential edge over its competitors.

The addition of extensions on Edge for Android is a significant development that can enhance the browsing experience for users and provide them with additional functionality and customization options. Microsoft’s efforts to add extension support in the latest Canary build of Edge for Android show its commitment to improving the browser experience for mobile users.

By enabling an extension button in the app and providing access to a handful of extensions, including an ad blocker and a tool for forcing dark mode on websites, Microsoft is taking steps to bridge the feature gap between desktop and mobile browsing. Additionally, the management of installed extensions, control over their permissions, and the ability to remove them are all comparable to Edge’s desktop UI, as revealed in screenshots shared by browser researcher @Leopeva64.

While Vivaldi, another Chromium-based browser, opted not to pursue extensions on Android due to the significant cost involved, Microsoft’s dedication to developing and testing extensions for Edge on Android indicates a strong commitment to delivering a seamless and feature-rich browsing experience for users.

The polished and operational nature of the UI elements for Edge extensions, once the corresponding flags are activated, suggests that a release is likely in the future. This move by Microsoft may also put pressure on Google to consider providing access to extensions on Chrome for Android or integrating support directly into Chromium, benefiting all browsers using the codebase.


➤# Can I use browser extensions on Microsoft Edge for Android now?
As of now, the extension support for Microsoft Edge on Android is still in development and is available in the Canary build. It is not yet available in the stable release but is expected to be released in the future.

➤# What kind of extensions will be available for Microsoft Edge on Android?
The available extensions for Edge on Android currently include an ad blocker and a tool for enabling dark mode on websites. As development progresses, more extensions may become available to enhance the browsing experience.

➤# Will other Chromium-based browsers also support extensions on Android?
While Microsoft is actively working on adding extension support for Edge on Android, other Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Brave have not yet announced similar plans. Each browser may have its own approach to adding support for extensions on Android.

➤ Conclusion

Microsoft’s move to bring extension support to Edge for Android represents a major step forward in addressing the lack of feature parity between desktop and mobile browsers. With the potential to offer users additional tools and functionalities, this development could position Edge as a compelling choice for Android users seeking an enhanced and customizable browsing experience. As the development progresses, it will be interesting to see how Google and other Chromium-based browsers respond to this advancement and whether they will follow suit in providing extension support for their mobile browsers.

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