Meet Jules, the Multi-Talented Contributor at Android Police

Jules has been an integral part of the Android Police team since 2019, bringing a range of skills and experience to the table. With a background in art, podcast editing, news management, and newsletter writing, he has made significant contributions across various platforms.

Not only does Jules play a pivotal role at Android Police, but he also extends his expertise to our sister sites XDA-Developers and Pocket-lint. His previous role as an editor at Pocketnow further emphasizes his wealth of knowledge and experience in the tech industry.


What is Jules’ role at Android Police?

Jules contributes art for stories, edits the podcast, manages weekend news, and writes the newsletter at Android Police while also extending his expertise to sister sites.

Does Jules have any previous experience in the tech industry?

Prior to joining Android Police, Jules served as an editor at Pocketnow, showcasing his extensive experience in the tech industry.

Where else does Jules contribute his expertise?

Aside from Android Police, Jules also contributes to our sister sites XDA-Developers and Pocket-lint, further showcasing his multi-faceted contributions in the tech field.


Jules’ diverse skill set and experience make him a valuable asset to the Android Police team and its sister sites. His contributions spanning art, podcast editing, news management, and more highlight his versatility and expertise in the tech industry.

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