Introducing the OnePlus 12R: A First Look at the Design

What you need to know

  • OnePlus showed off an early look at the design of the OnePlus 12R.
  • The phone will be available in two color variants — Cool Blue and Iron Gray.
  • Although earlier variants in the series were limited to India, the OnePlus 12R will be available globally.
  • Like the regular OnePlus 12, the 12R has an alert slider.

OnePlus is set to launch the OnePlus 12 globally, along with the OnePlus 12R, on January 23. Similar to the OnePlus 11R, the 12R is expected to offer a compelling alternative to the OnePlus 12, catering to a wider range of users globally.

The design of the OnePlus 12R closely resembles the standard model, with availability in Cool Blue and Iron Gray color variants. Notable structural upgrades include a metal mid-frame with a matte texture, offering improved rigidity compared to its predecessor, the OnePlus 11R, which utilized a polycarbonate mid-frame.

Retaining the alert slider, the OnePlus 12R aligns with the OnePlus 12’s design language, presenting a visually appealing offering. OnePlus also confirmed that it will be launching only the OnePlus 12 and 12R in the first quarter of 2024, dispelling the notion of a Pro or Ultra model in the series.

One significant development is the global launch of the OnePlus 12R, expanding beyond its traditional India-only release. Given the success of the OnePlus 11R in 2023, the global release of the 12R is a highly anticipated move that brings excitement for consumers in various regions.

While the exact availability date for the OnePlus 12R has not been disclosed, it is anticipated to be announced alongside the OnePlus 12, with sales commencing a few months later, following the precedent set with the OnePlus 11 and 11R in 2023.


Is the OnePlus 12R only limited to India, like its predecessors in the series?

No, the OnePlus 12R will be available globally, marking a departure from earlier models that were limited to India.

What colors will the OnePlus 12R be available in?

The OnePlus 12R will be offered in Cool Blue and Iron Gray color variants.

When will the OnePlus 12R be available for purchase?

OnePlus has confirmed a global launch in the first quarter of 2024, with the exact availability date yet to be announced. It is expected to be announced alongside the OnePlus 12, with sales anticipated to commence a few months after the launch event.


The OnePlus 12R’s early design reveal hints at a promising addition to the OnePlus 12 series, catering to a global audience and continuing the brand’s commitment to delivering compelling smartphone offerings. With a familiar design and enhanced structural features, the OnePlus 12R looks to be an exciting prospect for consumers eagerly awaiting its release.

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