Inbox alternative Shortwave takes Gmail’s autocomplete and supercharges it with AI

Shortwave, an alternative email client built on top of Gmail, has recently introduced new AI features, one of the most substantial being the addition of an AI assistant to its mobile app for Android users. This AI assistant, accessible via a new button in the bottom right corner of the app, offers a range of capabilities. It can manage tasks like drafting emails in your tone, searching for specific information in your email history, displaying your calendar schedule, and answering queries about the app itself. The aim is to streamline and enhance the user experience by leveraging the power of AI.

The AI Assistant, which has been available on the web for some time, is now integrated into the Android app, and was integrated into the iOS app a day earlier. It comes with different plan options. The free version includes the AI assistant with basic features, such as AI summaries. For deeper functionality, such as sifting through a year of email history and generating emails in your personal style, users will need to upgrade to the Personal plan at $7 per month or the Pro plan at $14 per month.

Additionally, Shortwave provides various subscription plans with different pricing tiers and feature sets, as summarized below:

| Features | Free | Personal | Pro | Business |
| ————- | ———– | ———– | ———– | ———– |
| Price | Free | $84/year | $168/year | $288/year |
| AI Summaries | ✅ | ✅ | ✅ | ✅ |
| AI Translation| ✅ | ✅ | ✅ | ✅ |

The additional features and the AI capabilities brought by the new assistant show Shortwave’s commitment to bringing innovative and AI-driven solutions to email management.

➤ FAQs
1. ✍️What is Shortwave?✍️
Shortwave is an alternative email client that operates on top of Gmail, aiming to enhance email management.

2. ✍️What are the key features of Shortwave’s AI assistant?✍️
The AI assistant offers capabilities such as drafting emails in the user’s tone, searching for specific information in the email history, displaying the calendar schedule, and answering queries about using the app.

3. ✍️What are the available subscription plans for Shortwave?✍️
Shortwave offers free, Personal, Pro, and Business plans, each with varying feature sets and pricing.

4. ✍️Can the AI assistant be used across different devices and platforms?✍️
Currently, the AI assistant is available for Android and iOS devices, as well as on the web.

In conclusion, Shortwave’s integration of AI features, specifically the AI assistant available for Android and iOS devices, showcases the company’s dedication to leveraging AI for enhancing email management. The addition of the AI assistant and the availability of different subscription plans demonstrate Shortwave’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its users, indicating a strong focus on both innovation and user experience.# Shortwave Introduces AI Features to Enhance Workflows

Shortwave, a tech company, has recently launched several AI-powered features aiming to enhance user efficiency and productivity. Among the features introduced are AI research, AI scheduling, AI compose, AI proofread, AI-assisted search, ghostwriter personalization, AI autocomplete, and customizable prompts.

Shortwave has revealed that its AI autocomplete feature is now available as part of the Pro plan, albeit only on the web or when using a keyboard with Android devices. The company is still fine-tuning the touchscreen user experience for autocomplete. In initial tests, the autocomplete AI tool showed great potential, displaying the ability to finish full sentences and even generate new paragraphs. However, users are advised to remain cautious, as the AI tool is not infallible and may sometimes provide inaccurate suggestions.

Regarding the trustworthiness of AI tools, Shortwave has collaborated with OpenAI to provide its AI features, assuring users that their data is only shared with OpenAI to facilitate the requested features and is not used to train OpenAI’s or any other machine learning models.


➤# What are the AI features introduced by Shortwave?

Shortwave has introduced AI research, AI scheduling, AI compose, AI proofread, AI-assisted search, ghostwriter personalization, AI autocomplete, and customizable prompts.

➤# Is the AI autocomplete feature available on all devices?

The AI autocomplete feature is currently available as part of the Pro plan and can be accessed on the web or by using a keyboard with an Android device. Touchscreen UX for autocomplete is still being developed.

➤# How trustworthy is Shortwave’s AI in handling user data?

Shortwave assures that it shares users’ data with OpenAI only to provide the requested features and not for training machine learning models. The company does not use user data to train OpenAI’s or any other machine learning models.

➤ Conclusion

Shortwave’s introduction of AI-powered features demonstrates its commitment to improving user workflows through the integration of advanced technologies. With a focus on enhancing email productivity and organization, the AI features provide valuable assistance to users. While the AI autocomplete feature shows promise, users are advised to exercise caution and not solely rely on its suggestions without scrutiny. In alignment with its collaboration with OpenAI, Shortwave emphasizes its commitment to safeguarding user data and ensuring transparency in its AI functionalities.

As Shortwave continues to unveil more AI announcements, it is poised to further solidify its position as a frontrunner in providing innovative AI-driven solutions for email and workflow management.

For more information about Shortwave’s AI features and how they can enhance your workflow, visit their official website and stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

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