How to turn off voicemail text message (SMS) transcriptions

# How to Turn Off Voicemail Text Message (SMS) Transcriptions

Some phone service providers offer a service that sends voicemails as text messages. While this feature can be useful in some cases, it may also be irritating, take up phone storage, and be inaccurate. If you want to turn off these SMS voicemails permanently, here’s how to do it.

➤ How to Stop Getting Voicemails as SMS on iPhone

Your iPhone’s voicemail service doesn’t send texts. It has its own transcription service that’s typically more accurate than the SMS methods. To address this issue, you should contact your carrier and follow these steps:

1. Visit your carrier’s website and log in to your account.
2. Look for the appropriate tab or option to manage your account settings. This might be under “Profile Settings,” “Perks,” or “Add-ons,” depending on your carrier.
3. Find and select “Block calls and messages.”
4. Select “Block Other” and then choose “Voicemail to Text Block.” Ensure that the block is activated.

Alternatively, you can consider turning on Apple’s Live Voicemail service, which was added in iOS 15, to override any voicemail-to-text service you use.

If you encounter difficulties, consider contacting your carrier’s customer service for assistance, especially if you notice unexpected charges related to voicemail services on your phone bill.

➤ Can You Turn Off Voicemails as Texts on Android Phones as Well?

Yes, if you have an Android phone, such as a Samsung Galaxy model or a Google Pixel, you can follow similar steps provided by your carrier to turn off voicemails as texts.

➤ Deal with Those Voicemail SMS Messages Once and For All

It may require some communication with your carrier, but you can ultimately turn off voicemail-to-text services and rely on visual voicemail. If you encounter issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to your carrier’s customer support for assistance.

If your carrier doesn’t offer the voicemail services you need and you’re considering switching carriers, it’s advisable to explore the best carrier options available to you.

Now that you have the steps to disable voicemail text messages, you can enjoy a cleaner and more personalized voicemail experience on your phone.

➤ FAQs

➤# How do I turn off voicemail notifications on my iPhone?

To turn off voicemail notifications on your iPhone, you can go to the Phone app, select the voicemail tab, and then tap on the “Greeting” button. From there, you can manage your voicemail settings and turn off notifications as desired.

➤# Will turning off voicemail text messages affect my regular voicemail service?

No, turning off voicemail text messages will not affect your regular voicemail service. You will still be able to access your voicemail messages as usual, but you will no longer receive them as SMS transcriptions.

➤# Can I turn off voicemail transcription on my phone itself without contacting the carrier?

Unfortunately, turning off voicemail transcription usually requires action from your carrier. While you may be able to manage certain settings related to voicemail on your phone, stopping SMS transcriptions typically involves accessing your carrier account settings.

➤ Conclusion

Turning off voicemail text messages can help streamline your voicemail experience and prevent unnecessary clutter in your messaging inbox. By following the recommended steps and reaching out to your carrier if needed, you can customize your voicemail preferences to better suit your needs and preferences.

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