How Samsung’s Galaxy S24’s Voice Recorder Outperforms the Pixel 8 in Transcription and Summarization

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 lineup has brought in several exciting AI features, with a particular focus on improving the Voice Recorder app. In comparison to the Pixel 8, Samsung’s Voice Recorder offers more advanced AI-powered transcriptions and summaries, providing a significant edge in this aspect.

Prior to the Galaxy S24, Samsung’s Voice Recorder was rather basic, suitable for capturing memos and simple interviews. However, the introduction of AI-powered features now puts Samsung in direct competition with Google’s lauded Recorder app on Pixels. The Galaxy S24 not only offers transcription capabilities but also includes AI-generated summaries of recordings, setting it apart from the Pixel 8 Pro.

One of the advantages of Samsung’s Voice Recorder over the Pixel 8 Pro is its ability to produce more detailed summaries. The Pixel’s AI summaries have been criticized for their strict time limits, limited only to fifteen minutes of recording, and the resulting lackluster bullet points. In contrast, the Galaxy S24’s Voice Recorder can analyze longer recordings, dividing them into more sections and generating subheads, making the summaries more comprehensive.

However, Samsung’s process of generating transcripts after the recording results in a slower process, in comparison to Google’s real-time transcription. Additionally, the accuracy of the transcriptions on the Galaxy S24 Ultra may not be as high as the Pixel 8 Pro, as it took nearly two minutes to parse a 20-minute speech, and the resulting transcription contained more errors.

Despite these challenges, the enhanced summaries offered by the Galaxy S24’s Voice Recorder demonstrate its potential for academic and professional use, especially for students attending lectures. As Samsung continues to evolve its AI model, the Voice Recorder feature could become essential for Galaxy users, providing a compelling alternative to carrying a separate recording device.


Can the Galaxy S24’s Voice Recorder generate transcription and summaries of recordings?

Yes, the Galaxy S24’s Voice Recorder offers both transcription and AI-generated summaries of recordings.

Is the Galaxy S24’s Voice Recorder better than the Pixel 8 Pro in terms of summarizing recordings?

While the Galaxy S24’s Voice Recorder offers more comprehensive summaries and can analyze longer recordings, it has a slower transcription process and may result in more errors compared to the Pixel 8 Pro.

Is the Voice Recorder feature on the Galaxy S24 lineup a notable improvement over previous Samsung devices?

Yes, the Voice Recorder feature on the Galaxy S24 lineup represents a significant advancement over previous Samsung devices, incorporating advanced AI capabilities for transcription and summarization.

How can the enhanced Voice Recorder feature benefit users?

The enhanced Voice Recorder feature can benefit students, professionals, and individuals attending lectures or conducting interviews, providing a convenient tool for capturing and summarizing audio content.


Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup introduces a notable advancement in voice recording capabilities, particularly with its improved Voice Recorder app. While the Galaxy S24’s Voice Recorder outperforms the Pixel 8 Pro in generating more detailed summaries and accommodating longer recordings, it faces challenges in terms of the speed and accuracy of transcriptions. However, the potential for further evolution and the usefulness of the feature in academic and professional settings make it a compelling addition for Galaxy users.

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