Here’s what Google killed in 2023

✍️Google’s Shutdown Projects and Services in 2023: A Comprehensive Review✍️

Google is known for its tendency to discontinue various projects and services, and the year 2023 was no different. From the gaming industry to online tools, the digital giant bid farewell to several offerings that had once captured the interest of its users. Here’s a detailed look into the major products and services that Google pulled the plug on in 2023.

1. ✍️Stadia✍️: The game streaming service Stadia, which was launched in 2019, failed to gain the expected traction and was ultimately shut down in 2023, marking a high-profile loss for Google’s gaming ambitions.

2. ✍️Inactive Google Accounts✍️: From December 2023, Google started deleting old and inactive accounts, breaking the previous assurance of keeping them indefinitely. There will be warnings before the deletion, and exceptions include business and education accounts and those linked to YouTube videos.

3. ✍️Photo Spheres✍️: The feature for creating 360-degree panoramas, once available through the Google Camera app, was gradually made less accessible before being fully removed in 2023.

4. ✍️Google Domains✍️: Google Domains, a domain registry service that was introduced in 2014, was abruptly shut down in September 2023. Users were provided with a migration path to Squarespace, which acquired Google Domains’ business.

5. ✍️Pixel Pass✍️: Launched in 2021, this subscription plan, offering a new Pixel phone every two years and bundled subscriptions, was abruptly discontinued in August 2023, leaving initial customers without the expected upgrade.

6. ✍️Google Currents✍️: Meant as a replacement for Google Plus, Google Currents was shut down in August 2023, with businesses encouraged to use Chat Spaces instead.

7. ✍️Album Archive✍️: A service that acted as a repository for images and videos shared via Hangouts, Album Archive met its end in July 2023.

8. ✍️YouTube Stories✍️: Inspired by Snapchat, YouTube Stories met its demise in June 2023, as Google shifted its focus to promoting Shorts.

9. ✍️Grasshopper✍️: The coding education platform, similar to Duolingo, to learn programming basics, was discontinued in June 2023.


1. ✍️Why does Google discontinue so many products and services?✍️
Google regularly assesses its offerings and discontinue those that are not meeting its expectations in terms of user engagement, financial viability, or strategic relevance.

2. ✍️Are there any alternatives provided to users when a service is shut down?✍️
In some cases, Google provides alternatives or migration paths to other platforms or services for affected users.

3. ✍️How does Google communicate product or service shutdowns to its users?✍️
Google generally informs users through official announcements, emails, and notifications within the affected products or platforms.


The demise of various Google offerings in 2023 underlines the company’s proactive approach in reshaping its product and service lineup. While the discontinuation of these services might disappoint users who integrated them into their digital routines, it represents Google’s strategy to focus on ventures that align with its long-term goals.Aspiring app developers have a vast array of opportunities to explore in the ever-evolving tech industry. However, it’s crucial to stay informed about recent developments and shifts in popular platforms and technologies in order to make informed decisions about where to focus their efforts. Below, we’ll delve into some recent changes in the tech landscape that may impact app development and offer guidance for those seeking to navigate this terrain.

➤ Changes in the Tech Landscape

➤# Google’s Recent Shifts
Google’s recent announcement to shut down various products and services has caught the attention of developers and tech enthusiasts. Some key changes include:

1. ✍️Assistant Conversational Actions:✍️ Google is phasing out Conversational Actions in favor of App Actions with Android, believing it to be a more robust alternative. However, this shift has caused disruption in services and prompted some to discontinue support.

2. ✍️Project Jacquard:✍️ Google discontinued the app controlling smart clothing integrated with Project Jacquard, signaling a halt in the development of this technology.

3. ✍️Google Street View app:✍️ The Street View app, which allowed users to take their own 360-degree images, was shut down as Street View imagery is readily available in Google Maps.

4. ✍️Google Stadia:✍️ The ill-fated game streaming service met its demise in January 2023.

5. ✍️Google OnHub:✍️ Google ceased software support for its OnHub mesh routers, impacting its users.

➤# Implications for App Development
These changes underscore the dynamic nature of the tech industry and the importance of adaptability for developers. As platforms and technologies evolve, it’s essential to stay informed and be prepared to pivot when necessary.

➤ Navigating the Changing Landscape

➤# Embrace Cross-Platform Development
Given the shift towards App Actions with Android, aspiring app developers should consider the implications of platform-specific functionalities. Embracing cross-platform development frameworks can provide a more versatile approach to app development, ensuring broader accessibility across different devices and platforms.

➤# Explore Emerging Technologies
As Google discontinues certain projects, opportunities emerge for developers to explore new frontiers. Emerging technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning present fertile ground for innovative app development.

➤# Stay Informed and Agile
Staying updated with industry trends, platform changes, and user preferences is crucial for app developers. Remaining agile and adaptable allows developers to respond proactively to industry shifts, ensuring their apps remain relevant and impactful.

➤ Conclusion

The tech industry’s landscape is continually evolving, with changes in products and services creating new opportunities and challenges for app developers. By staying informed, embracing cross-platform development, and exploring emerging technologies, aspiring app developers can navigate the ever-changing tech landscape and create apps that resonate with users.


➤# Are Conversational Actions completely deprecated?
Conversational Actions are being phased out in favor of App Actions with Android. This shift prompts developers to adapt to the new alternative for voice interactions with the Google Assistant.

➤# How can aspiring app developers adapt to these changes?
Aspiring app developers can adapt to these changes by embracing cross-platform development, exploring emerging technologies, and staying informed about industry trends and shifts in popular platforms.

➤# What are some emerging technologies that app developers can explore?
App developers can explore emerging technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create innovative and impactful apps in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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