Here’s how to get yourself a Pixel Watch 2 for as little as $125 this week

# How to Get a Pixel Watch 2 for as Low as $125 This Week

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 is currently available at a significantly reduced price, with the potential to bring it down to as little as $125 by taking advantage of trade-in credits. If you are interested in upgrading to this new wearable, this article provides all the details you need to secure this fantastic deal.

➤ The Deal

With Google’s smartwatches currently on sale, it’s a great time to consider purchasing a Pixel Watch. Best Buy, in particular, is offering the new Pixel Watch 2 at an attractive price. The retail giant is providing an instant $50 discount, combined with the potential to receive up to $175 in trade-in credits, making this an exceptional opportunity to acquire the smartwatch at a significantly reduced cost.

➤ Why Choose the Pixel Watch 2

The upgraded features of the Pixel Watch 2 make it a compelling purchase. The latest chipset ensures improved performance, enhanced safety features facilitate better connectivity with friends and family, and the battery life has seen significant improvements. These enhancements, along with the substantial trade-in credits offered by Best Buy, make it more favorable to opt for the new Pixel Watch 2 as opposed to its predecessor.

➤ The Potential Savings

The trade-in credit amount depends on the device you are trading in and its condition. For example, upgrading from a previous version of the Pixel Watch can secure you up to $80 off the discounted price. Newer smartwatches, particularly those from rivals like Apple or Samsung, can yield closer to the $175 value. However, even if you don’t have a device to trade in, the $50 discount brings the Pixel Watch 2 down to its lowest price ever, offering a great deal for those looking to purchase this highly-rated smartwatch.

➤ Pixel Watch 2 Versus Pixel Watch 1

While the Pixel Watch 2 is available for $125 after trade-in and discounts, the original Pixel Watch is also on sale at Best Buy for just $200. By taking advantage of the same trade-in credits, you have the opportunity to secure a significant discount on either model, making both options highly appealing at their current prices.

➤ Conclusion

The current promotion for the Google Pixel Watch 2 at Best Buy presents an exceptional opportunity to own this renowned smartwatch at an unprecedentedly low price. Whether you have a device to trade in or not, this deal offers significant savings and a chance to acquire a top-notch wearable at a heavily discounted rate.

# FAQs

➤ What is the regular price of the Google Pixel Watch 2?

The regular price of the Google Pixel Watch 2 is $350, but it is currently on sale for $300.

➤ What is the potential trade-in credit for the Pixel Watch 2 at Best Buy?

Best Buy is offering up to $175 in trade-in credit for qualifying devices, which can further reduce the cost of the Pixel Watch 2.

➤ What are the key upgrades in the Pixel Watch 2 compared to its predecessor?

The Pixel Watch 2 features an updated chipset for improved performance, enhanced safety features, and better battery life compared to the original Pixel Watch.

➤ Can the trade-in credit be applied to other smartwatches at Best Buy?

Yes, the trade-in credit offered by Best Buy can also be utilized to reduce the cost of the original Pixel Watch, which is currently priced at $200.

➤ How long will this deal be available at Best Buy?

It is best to check with Best Buy directly for the duration of this promotion, as availability and offers may vary.

With all this information, anyone looking to upgrade to a new smartwatch can make an informed decision about purchasing the Pixel Watch 2 at an incredible price.

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