Haryana: Players’ fast unto death ends after CM’s assurance

In Panchkula, players from the state have been on a fast-unto-death protest for several days, demanding job opportunities. However, their protest came to an end after the Chief Minister’s OSD, Jawahar Yadav, assured them that their demands would be met within 15 days. Yadav visited the protest site and conveyed the CM’s message to the players, leading to the end of the fast.
The Chief Minister became aware of the matter on Thursday and subsequently held a meeting on Sunday. During the meeting, it was decided that the joining process for the players would be completed within 15 days, considering their legitimate demand. Following this decision, the players were informed about the positive outcome, and they called off their strike.
The players, who were eligible candidates under the Group D sports quota, had been sitting at the protest site in Sector-P 5 since 24th August. Their demand for job opportunities was finally addressed, providing them with a ray of hope for their future.

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