Haryana: Changed ATM card in the name of canceling transaction, withdrew Rs 1.10 lakh

In Panchkula, a young individual fell victim to a fraudulent act involving the substitution of his ATM card, resulting in a withdrawal of Rs 1.10 lakh from his bank account. Jaspreet Kaur, a resident of Ludhiana, narrated the incident, stating that she had visited her brother’s house in Beed Ghaggar on Raksha Bandhan. On August 1, she handed her Punjab National Bank (PNB) ATM card to her younger brother and requested him to withdraw Rs 1500.
After her brother completed the transaction and exited the ATM, he was approached by a group of individuals who claimed that the transaction was still ongoing and insisted that he cancel it. Falling for their ruse, the brother handed over the ATM card to one of the individuals, who pretended to insert it into the ATM machine. Unbeknownst to the brother, the card was swapped during this exchange. Shortly after, Jaspreet received a notification on her mobile phone indicating a withdrawal of Rs 1.10 lakh from her account.

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