Google’s Password Manager makes family sharing official

# Google’s Feature for Sharing Passwords with Family Members

Google has announced an upcoming feature that will allow users to directly share login details with their Google family group through Google Password Manager. This feature is set to be a convenient way to coordinate with daycare, share school assignments, or streamline household account management.

It was revealed as part of Google’s Safer Internet Day announcement, indicating the company’s commitment to enhancing online security and responsible technology use for all age groups. In addition to password sharing, is also contributing $20 million to support organizations focused on promoting healthy relationships with technology among children.

➤ How It Works

The feature allows accounts within a family group to share usernames and passwords for specific websites or services directly from Google Password Manager. Once the feature is activated, a “Share” button will appear in the detailed view for a stored login. Users can then select who to share the password with and confirm the action. The shared login details will then become accessible in the recipient’s password manager, enabling autofill and lookup functions.

This feature is designed to be particularly useful for those in the Google ecosystem. However, it’s important to note that this feature may not be immediately available. It is likely to roll out gradually after its announcement.

➤ Other Password Management Options

While Google’s solution represents a convenient option for those deeply embedded in the Google ecosystem, there are other password managers, like 1Password, that offer more advanced sharing options and customization for sharing passwords with third parties. For example, 1Password provides dedicated secure sharing options, including the ability to set timers or restrictions on how many times login data can be accessed, and to keep track of sharing activity.

➤ Conclusion

Google’s upcoming feature for sharing passwords with family members through Google Password Manager presents an added layer of convenience for household account management. It aligns with the company’s efforts to promote online safety and responsible technology use. While this feature may appeal to those already using Google’s services, users seeking more advanced sharing options and customization may also explore alternative password managers.

For more information about Google’s features and initiatives, you can visit [Google’s official website](

➤ Frequently Asked Questions

➤# When will Google’s password sharing feature be available?
The feature is expected to roll out gradually after its announcement. Users may need to look for updates or announcements from Google regarding its availability.

➤# Can I share passwords with individuals outside of my Google family group?
As of now, the feature is designed specifically for sharing passwords within a Google family group. Users seeking to share passwords with third parties may explore other password management solutions that offer more expansive sharing options.

➤# Is Google Password Manager a secure option for managing passwords?
Google Password Manager offers basic password management features and convenience for those already using Google’s services. However, users with advanced security and sharing needs may consider exploring alternative password management options such as 1Password, which offer more comprehensive features for secure password management and sharing.

➤# What other initiatives is Google promoting for online safety and responsible technology use?
In addition to the password sharing feature, has pledged $20 million to support organizations focused on promoting healthy relationships with technology among children. The company is also collaborating with Highlights Magazine to release a special edition featuring Google’s Be Internet Awesome curriculum, available for free on the Highlights’ website.

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