Google’s Assistant is Getting a New Personality as ‘Gemini’

Google is making significant strides with its AI technology. It has a large language model (LLM) called Gemini with multimodal capabilities and an evolving user-facing chatbot called Bard, to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The inclusion of image generation support for Bard is a significant development. Amid this progress, Google’s voice assistant, often referred to as Google Assistant, has been losing its edge in terms of features and reliability as the company focused on other AI developments.

What’s in a name?

The nomenclature of Google Assistant has raised concerns. While Google’s voice assistant has been efficient at tasks, the name ‘Google Assistant’ lacks the personal touch seen with the likes of Alexa and Siri. The wake phrase “OK Google” or “Hey Google” also doesn’t invoke the assistant’s actual name, making it seem more robotic and lacking individuality. The bland naming doesn’t resonate with the evolving trend of virtual assistants having distinct personalities.

The name is Gemini… Google Gemini

Google has been considering rebranding its voice assistant, with the possibility of renaming it ‘Gemini.’ This rebranding could redefine Assistant, allowing it to establish its own identity and personality distinct from its parent brand. However, the name change might bring some confusion as ‘Gemini’ is also the name of Google’s GPT-4 alternative LLM. This complicates the nomenclature, especially since Google is also preparing a paid version of Bard called Bard Advanced. Despite potential confusion, the new name is expected to differentiate the upgraded version of Assistant powered by generative AI.

Assistant needs some love, nevertheless

Google Assistant has seen a decline in performance, leading users to seek alternatives. Amidst the anticipation for the Gemini rebranding, Google is streamlining Assistant’s features, possibly with the aim of paving the way for major changes. It is hoped that Google will revamp Assistant comprehensively to restore its former superiority.


What is Gemini?

Gemini is the potential new name for Google’s voice assistant, which is expected to replace the current Google Assistant branding. The rebranding aims to give the voice assistant a distinct personality and identity.

How will the rebranding affect users?

The rebranding might bring some confusion as ‘Gemini’ is also the name of Google’s GPT-4 alternative large language model. Users might need to adjust to new wake phrases and differentiate between various versions of Assistant, such as the paid Bard Advanced.

Why is Google considering a rebranding?

Google aims to give its voice assistant a more distinct and personable identity, differentiating it from its parent brand and its competitors. The rebranding is part of Google’s efforts to enhance the capabilities and appeal of its voice assistant.


As Google prepares to rebrand its voice assistant as ‘Gemini,’ it is poised to create a unique identity and personality for the AI-powered assistant. While the rebranding may bring about some complexities, it is expected to mark a significant shift in Google’s AI strategy and enhance the user experience. Users can anticipate a more refined and personalized interaction with the rebranded Google Assistant as ‘Gemini.’

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