Google Workspace’s new sharing menu emphasizes speed

# Google Workspace’s New Sharing Menu Emphasizes Speed

Google is rolling out a new dropdown sharing menu to its Workspace web apps, focusing on enhancing efficiency and ease of use. This update brings several improvements to the sharing menu in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and the Google Drive video player, making it simpler to manage shared documents and videos.

➤# Key Points
– Google is introducing a dropdown menu to its sharing menus in various Workspace web apps, simplifying the process of copying document links and displaying shared document information.
– The dropdown menu also provides an overview of pending access requests, streamlining the approval process.
– The Google Drive video player now features a new sharing menu, enabling users to copy specific links to specific parts of the video.

![Google Workspace’s new sharing menu](
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After the update rolls out, users will notice a new dropdown arrow on the Share menu, offering a quick shortcut to copy the link and display the current document recipients. The existing overlay menu remains in place for more extensive sharing changes. Moreover, Google plans to use the space to manage pending access requests, simplifying the approval process.

Additionally, the new dropdown sharing menu is now available for videos saved on Google Drive, allowing users to copy a specific link to the current time in the video, similar to functionality on YouTube.

➤# Future Developments
While Google has not specified immediate plans for updates to the Google Drive Android app, users can manually create a link with a specified timestamp for a video by appending “&t=x” to the link, where x represents the time in seconds.

The article suggests that the sharing process in Google Docs on Android devices, currently involving a two-tap process, could benefit from similar convenient improvements in the future.

➤# FAQ

➤➤ Is the enhanced sharing menu available for both paid and free Google Workspaces?
Yes, the updated sharing menu is available for both paid and free Google Workspaces.

➤➤ Can users now copy a specific link to a particular part of a video in Google Drive?
With the new sharing menu, users can indeed copy a specific link to a particular part of a video saved on Google Drive.

➤➤ Will the new sharing menu be added to Google Drive’s mobile apps?
While Google has not announced plans for immediate updates to its Android office apps, users can expect an improved workflow in the future.

➤# Conclusion
Google’s new sharing menu in Workspace web apps and the Drive video player is designed to streamline the sharing process, improve accessibility, and facilitate efficient collaboration. This is a step toward enhancing the overall user experience, and it is anticipated that similar enhancements will be extended to mobile apps in the near future, ensuring a more cohesive and convenient sharing process across all devices.

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