Google Wallet now supports 44 more banks — here’s the new additions

# Google Wallet Adds Support for 44 More Banks

Google Wallet, a versatile app facilitating contactless payments and the storage of various ID and membership cards, has expanded its list of supported banks substantially. The recent addition of 44 more banks in December 2023 has further enhanced the app’s functionality. Notably, Venmo has also been included, enabling seamless integration with the platform for everyday transactions.

➤ The Versatility of Google Wallet
Google Wallet is lauded for its versatility, providing users with the convenience of contactless payments alongside the ability to store government-issued ID cards, loyalty cards, and memberships. With the recent increase in the number of supporting banks, the app has significantly expanded its reach and usability.

➤ New Additions
The following banks have recently inked agreements to support Google Wallet:

– Aesthetics, APMA, Affiniti
– Brattleboro Savings and Loan Association (VT)
– City Federal Credit Union (TX)
– CommerceWest Bank (CA)
– Community Star Credit Union (OH)
– Country Bank (DE)
– County National Bank (MI)
– CU Hawaii Federal Credit Union (HI)
– Dave
– Extra Credit Union (US-MI)
– First National Bank in Taylorville (IL)
– Fluz Prepaid
– Long Reach Federal Credit Union (WV)
– Lynx Prepaid
– Geauga Credit Union (OH)
– Goldmark Federal Credit Union (MA)
– Green Belt Bank & Trust (IA)
– Hoosier Hills Credit Union (IN)
– Kalamazoo County State Bank (MI)
– Kennett Trust Bank (MO)
– Lakewood Credit Union (WI)
– Madison County Community Bank (FL)
– Main Street Bank (MA)
– Marygold & Co.
– Memphis Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union (TN)
– Money Network CA EDD
– Northstar Bank (MI)
– Opportunity Bank of Montana (MT)
– Pacific Valley Bank (CA)
– PayChex
– PayQuicker
– People Savings Bank (IA)
– rapid! PayCard
– Sherburne State Bank (MN)
– Sherwood Community Bank (MO)
– State Bank of Missouri (MO)
– The Atlanta National Bank (IL)
– The Farmers State Bank of Quinton (OK)
– The State Exchange Bank (OK)
– Trailhead Credit Union (OR)
– United Valley Bank (ND)
– Venmo
– West Michigan Community Bank (MI)


➤# Which popular banks have been added to the list of supported banks for Google Wallet?
Venmo, PayChex, and various credit unions and regional banks such as CommerceWest Bank, City Federal Credit Union, and First National Bank in Taylorville have been included in the recent addition.

➤# How can users determine if their bank is supported by Google Wallet?
For the full list of supported banks, users can visit the Google Wallet Help page. It’s important to note that while a bank may be supported, some cards issued by the bank may not be compatible with the app.

➤# What other functionalities has Google added to the Wallet app?
Apart from supporting payments, Google has recently integrated support for flight boarding passes on the Wear OS app.

➤ Conclusion
With the inclusion of these new banks, Google Wallet continues to solidify its position as a leading digital wallet app, offering users a seamless and convenient way to manage a range of financial functions through their mobile devices. As the app continues to evolve, users can expect further improvements to enhance their overall experience and utility.

By expanding its partnerships with an extensive range of financial institutions, Google Wallet is positioning itself to meet the diverse needs of its user base, and its commitment to ongoing development suggests a promising future for the app and its users.

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