Google really wants you to share your Bard wishlist for 2024

# Google Bard Wishlist 2024: Improving the AI Language Model

Google’s AI language model, Bard, is making strides in competing with other popular models like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot. As Bard undergoes improvements and integration with various Google services, Google is now seeking feedback from users to enhance its overall performance as it journeys into 2024.

➤ Key Points from User Feedback and Bard’s Progress

– Google urges users to provide direct feedback on Bard in order to improve its performance and cater to the diverse needs of its users in 2024.

– Bard has been integrating with Google services, such as YouTube and Maps, which enhances its ability to pull information from these sources.

– User feedback has emphasized the need for Bard to be made available on more platforms, such as dedicated apps for Android and iPhones. Users have also suggested a memory feature for personalized results.

➤ Bard’s Journey and User Feedback

Bard, Google’s answer to leading AI language models, has been enhancing its capabilities through the integration of Gemini Pro LLM and other Google services. While Bard has made significant progress, user feedback has highlighted areas for improvement such as accessibility on multiple platforms and the potential for a memory feature to personalize user experiences.

➤ Participating in the Discussion

Google is actively seeking user feedback through a Reddit discussion hosted by Chris Gorgolewski, a product manager on the Bard team. Users are encouraged to share their suggestions, feature requests, and any concerns related to Bard in the comments section of the Reddit discussion.

➤ Looking Ahead: Bard’s Evolution

As Google strives to advance in the generative AI space and compete with leading models like GPT-4, it is expected that consumer-centric generative AI tools, including Bard, will evolve to meet the growing demands of users. The integration of Google Assistant with Bard is anticipated to address the user request for availability on different platforms.


➤# Can I participate in the feedback discussion for Bard?
Yes, you can contribute your suggestions, feature requests, and feedback on Bard by participating in the Reddit discussion hosted by Chris Gorgolewski, a product manager on Google’s Bard team.

➤# What improvements have been made to Bard recently?
Bard has integrated with various Google services like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps, making it more powerful in pulling information from these sources. It is also set to integrate with Google Assistant in the near future.

➤# Where can I access Bard currently?
As of now, Bard is accessible only on the web. There have been requests for dedicated apps for Android and iPhones, and the future integration with Google Assistant is expected to address this request.

➤ Conclusion

Google’s Bard is on a journey to further improve its capabilities and cater to the needs of its users. The integration with Google services and the active solicitation of user feedback denote Google’s commitment to enhancing Bard’s performance. As users provide their insights and suggestions, Bard is poised to evolve and compete within the generative AI landscape.

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