Google Pixel’s Call Screening Feature Could Expand to More Countries

Google Pixel phones are known for their innovative features, and one of the most useful ones is Call Screening. It automatically filters incoming calls, saving time and sparing users from dealing with spammers and unwanted marketing calls. While the feature has been available in a limited number of countries, there are signs that it might soon expand to new languages and regions.

A Reddit user in India was able to enable Call Screening on a modded OnePlus 7, indicating potential expansion to new languages and regions. Screenshots suggest that Call Screening may soon support Hindi and be available in countries such as Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and Brazil.

According to the user, Manual call screening is available in a handful of countries outside the US, and the list of supported countries and languages could soon grow further. The potential addition of the feature to new languages and regions is a promising development.

Additionally, the screenshots indicate that Google could expand Call Screening on the Pixels to more countries with support for new languages, including Deutsch in Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland; Espanol in the USA; France in Belgium and Switzerland; Italiano in Switzerland and Italy; Portuguese in Brazil; and English and Hindi in India. It’s worth noting that automatic Call Screening is currently only available in the US, with manual screening required in other regions, a pattern that may also be expected in India and other countries once the feature is rolled out by Google.

Google potentially supporting Hindi with Call Screening in India could lead to wider adoption of the feature in a market where Samsung already offers a similar call screening feature on its phones called Bixby Text Call. However, this feature only supports English and not Hindi, the dominant language in the country.

Upcoming Feature Drop and Potential Expansion

The next Pixel Feature Drop is scheduled to be released in March 2024, and it’s possible Google will announce Call Screen’s expansion with that update. When the feature launches, it should be compatible with all Pixel phones that Google currently supports, ranging from the Pixel 5 to the Pixel 8. While Call Screen also works with the Pixel Watch, this option is currently limited to the US. There’s a chance Google could expand automatic Call Screening on Pixel phones or the Pixel Watch to more countries with the next Feature Drop.

Save Time and Frustration

If you receive a lot of spam or unwanted calls on Android, Call Screening can help you save a lot of time and frustration. Until Google officially announces Call Screen’s expansion to India and other countries, you can consider following a guide on how to block spam calls and texts on your Pixel phone.


The potential expansion of Call Screening to new languages and regions, including support for Hindi in India, represents an exciting development for Google Pixel users. As the feature gains traction in diverse markets, it could greatly enhance the efficiency and user experience of Pixel phones, presenting an attractive option for individuals seeking to better manage their incoming calls.


What is Call Screening?

Call Screening is a feature on Google Pixel phones that automatically filters incoming calls, saving users time and sparing them from dealing with spammers and unwanted marketing calls.

Which countries and languages could potentially receive Call Screening support?

According to recent indications, potential support for Call Screening may include regions like a host of European countries—Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as Brazil, with language support including Deutsch, Espanol, France, Italiano, Portuguese, English, and Hindi.

When is the potential Call Screening expansion expected to be announced?

The next Pixel Feature Drop is scheduled to be released in March 2024, and it’s possible that Google will announce the expansion of Call Screening with that update.

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