Google Photos Introduces Photo Stacks for Organizing Images

Google Photos is rolling out a new feature called Photo stacks that groups similar photos together in the grid view. This utility consolidates visually similar images or photos taken in quick succession under a single thumbnail in the gallery. It was initially Pixel-exclusive but is now available on other Android devices.

Summary of the Feature

  • Photo Stacks groups visually similar images together in the grid view.
  • Similar to the Pixel-exclusive Top Shot feature, it is now available on other Android devices.
  • To enable Photo Stacks, go to Google Photos settings, select Preferences, and toggle on Stack similar photos.

Google’s official support documentation for the feature explains that once activated, photo stacks will appear as a single thumbnail in the grid view, with an icon indicating that it is a photo stack. When opened, all the images will appear in a filmstrip, offering options to select a top pick, delete specific images, or share the entire stack.

How to Enable Photo Stacks

To check if you have the feature or to enable it manually, tap your Google profile picture in the top right corner of the Photos app, select Photos settingsPreferencesStack similar photos, and toggle the switch to activate the feature.

How to Use Photo Stacks

When opening a stack, you have the ability to choose your preferred image from the group, delete specific images, or share the entire stack. Google Photos also allows the sharing of all the images in the stack or only the top pick, providing users with flexible sharing options.


What is the benefit of using Photo Stacks in Google Photos?

Photo Stacks helps in organizing and decluttering your image gallery by grouping similar photos together, enabling a more streamlined viewing experience.

Can Photo Stacks be used on iOS devices?

Yes, Photo Stacks was launched on iOS in November 2023 and is now available for Android devices as well.

How can I disable Photo Stacks if I don’t want to use the feature?

You can disable Photo Stacks by turning it off in the Google Photos settings or by long-pressing a photo stack and choosing the Unstack photos option.


With the rollout of Photo Stacks, Google Photos offers a solution to the common issue of cluttered photo galleries. This new feature provides a convenient way to organize and manage visually similar images, offering users greater control over their photo libraries.

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