Google just released the first Android update of 2024 for Pixel phones

# Google Releases First Android Update of 2024 for Pixel Phones

Google has recently rolled out the first Android update of 2024, bringing with it the January security bulletin and a range of bug fixes and improvements for Pixel phones. The update includes fixes for various issues such as Camera app crashes, flashing black screens during video playback, and problems with the setup wizard and home screen wallpaper. Additionally, the security patch addresses vulnerabilities in the Android system and addresses critical-severity vulnerabilities in vendor-specific components.

➤ Key Points of the Update
– Google has released its January security bulletin with bug fixes and security patches for Android phones.
– The January 2024 update for Pixel phones includes fixes for Camera app crashes and issues with the user interface, such as flashing black screens and setup wizard problems.
– Pixel phones are expected to receive the update starting today, while other manufacturers may have varying update cadences.

➤ Improvements and Fixes Included in the Update
The January 2024 update includes the following improvements and fixes for Pixel users:
– Fix for users facing Camera app crashes in certain conditions.
– Fix for users facing flashing black screens when playing videos in certain conditions.
– Fix for users unable to exit the Setup Wizard in certain conditions.
– Fix for the wallpaper on the home screen showing black in certain conditions.

➤ Android Security Bulletin
The January security bulletin is divided into two levels: one dated January 1 addressing vulnerabilities in Android as a whole, and another dated January 5 that patches vendor-specific flaws. The January 1 level mentions ten high-severity CVEs and an issue with media codecs, while the January 5 patches close a total of 49 CVEs, including critical-severity vulnerabilities in Qualcomm closed-source components.

➤ Update Rollout and Schedule
Pixel phones are expected to receive the update promptly, with Google aiming to keep its devices as secure as possible. However, Google has shifted from its fixed update schedule, now releasing monthly and quarterly updates once they are ready. Other phone manufacturers may have varying update schedules, with some offering bi-monthly updates or a slower cadence for certain devices.

➤# Which Pixel phones are eligible for the January 2024 update?
The January 2024 update is available for Pixel 5a (5G), Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet.

➤# How can I check if the update is available for my Pixel phone?
To check for the update, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update on your Pixel phone.

➤# Is the January 2024 update only for Pixel phones?
The January 2024 update primarily targets Pixel phones, but other Android phone manufacturers may release similar security patches and updates for their devices based on their own schedules.

➤ Conclusion
With the rollout of the January 2024 Android update for Pixel phones, Google aims to enhance the security and performance of its devices. The update brings essential bug fixes and security patches, ensuring a smoother and more secure experience for Pixel users. As the update becomes available for eligible devices, users are encouraged to promptly install it to benefit from the latest improvements and security enhancements.

As Google continues to prioritize the security of its Android ecosystem, users can expect future updates and patches to further enrich the overall user experience and device security.

Stay tuned for further updates and announcements from Google regarding the Android platform and the Pixel device lineup.

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