Fossil gives up on smartwatches for good

✍️Fossil Exits the Smartwatch Business: What You Need to Know✍️

Fossil, a well-known watch and accessory brand, has officially announced its departure from the smartwatch business. Its decision to exit the market is attributed to various factors, including the company’s shift in focus towards traditional products like watches and jewelry. This move comes amidst growing competition from tech giants like Samsung and Google, and a lack of significant product launches in the smartwatch segment.

✍️Key Points✍️
– Fossil confirms its exit from the smartwatch business, redirecting resources to traditional products.
– Lack of new product launches and competition from tech giants like Samsung and Google influenced Fossil’s decision.
– Existing Fossil smartwatches will still receive updates for the next few years, but uncertainty looms over the release timeframe for the new Wear OS 4 update.

In the past, Fossil had offered a range of Android smartwatches under various sub-brands during the Wear OS 2 era. However, the company’s activity in the smartwatch business significantly waned after the launch of Wear OS 3. Its last significant smartwatch release was the Fossil Gen 6, which debuted with Wear OS 2 in September 2021 and received the Wear OS 3.5 update two years later, in November 2023. Despite the popularity of Wear OS watches, the absence of new offerings from Fossil led to speculations about the company’s potential exit from the wearables market.

According to a spokesperson for the Fossil group, the company’s decision to exit the smartwatch business is a strategic move to refocus on its core strengths and segments that offer strong growth opportunities. Aside from continuing its support for existing Wear OS watches, Fossil will now prioritize its traditional watches, jewelry, and leather goods.

Reports regarding Fossil’s withdrawal from the smartwatch market surfaced in late December, with multiple sources confirming that the company’s Gen 7 smartwatch lineup would not materialize. Furthermore, a fire sale event where the price of the Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition was significantly reduced further fueled the speculations about Fossil’s impending exit from the smartwatch market.

With no substantial product launches since 2021, Fossil had fallen behind in the Android smartwatch market. The company’s exit from the Wear OS segment has positioned Samsung and Google as the primary players. However, the entry of new competitors like Xiaomi and OnePlus presents promising prospects for the future of the platform.

✍️Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)✍️
1. ✍️Will existing Fossil smartwatches continue to receive updates?✍️
– Yes, Fossil has confirmed that existing Wear OS watches will continue to receive updates for the next few years.

2. ✍️Will Fossil Gen 6 watches receive the Wear OS 4 update?✍️
– While Fossil will support existing smartwatches, there is uncertainty about the release timeframe for the Wear OS 4 update for Fossil Gen 6 watches.

3. ✍️Why did Fossil decide to exit the smartwatch business?✍️
– Fossil’s decision to exit the smartwatch business was influenced by factors such as a lack of new product launches, competition from major tech companies, and a strategic shift in focus towards traditional products.


Fossil’s exit from the smartwatch market marks the end of an era, as the company redirects its focus to traditional watches, jewelry, and leather goods. Existing Fossil smartwatches will continue to receive support and updates for the next few years, albeit with uncertainty surrounding the timeline for the Wear OS 4 update. However, the presence of new entrants like Xiaomi and OnePlus in the wearable segment presents an optimistic outlook for the future of the platform, despite Fossil’s departure.

As Fossil bows out of the smartwatch scene, the industry is witness to the evolving dynamics of wearable technology, with tech giants like Samsung and Google poised as the frontrunners, while new players are set to influence the competitive landscape in the years to come.

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