Fitbit and Pixel Watch owners can give SoulCycle a spin for free

# Get a SoulCycle Spin for Free with Fitbit and Pixel Watch

January is typically a time when people set fitness goals for themselves. To help individuals stick to their resolutions, Google has partnered with SoulCycle to offer Fitbit and Pixel Watch users the opportunity to participate in Fitbit & Friends Week. During this special event from January 22 through January 28, users can enjoy two complimentary rides at any US-based SoulCycle studio. The offer can be redeemed for the user and a friend simply by showing up at a SoulCycle location with a Fitbit or Pixel Watch. Furthermore, scheduling the free spin class between January 29 and February 4 makes one eligible to win a Fitbit Charge 6.

Google’s initiative aims to encourage individuals to embark on their fitness journey by incorporating fun and engaging activities like spin classes.

There is also a brief comparison of the fitness tracking capabilities of Google’s Pixel Watch 2 and the Fitbit Charge 6, emphasizing the latter’s battery life and health-tracking features.

If you have been considering trying out spin classes, now is the perfect time to give it a try, at no cost. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity and how to take advantage of it.

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➤ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

➤# How do I redeem the complimentary rides at SoulCycle?
Show up to any US-based SoulCycle studio with your Fitbit or Pixel Watch from January 22 through January 28 to redeem the offer for yourself and a friend.

➤# Can I win a Fitbit Charge 6 by scheduling a free spin class?
Yes, by scheduling your complimentary ride between January 29 and February 4, you’ll be eligible to win a Fitbit Charge 6.

➤# What are some key features of the Fitbit Charge 6?
The Fitbit Charge 6 offers an extended battery life of up to seven days, health-tracking features including sleep monitoring and stress management, making it a comprehensive device for not just fitness goals but also overall health management.

➤# When is Fitbit & Friends Week taking place?
The event is scheduled for January 22 through January 28.

➤ Conclusion

Google’s partnership with SoulCycle for Fitbit & Friends Week presents an excellent opportunity for Fitbit and Pixel Watch users to experience the excitement and energy of SoulCycle spin classes at no cost. This initiative aligns with the increasing focus on fitness and wellness and aims to support individuals in adhering to their health goals. Additionally, the chance to win a Fitbit Charge 6 adds further incentive for users to take part. Whether you are new to spin classes or a seasoned enthusiast, this promotion is a fantastic way to kickstart your fitness journey while enjoying the benefits of cutting-edge wearable technology.

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