Does the Samsung Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition work with the Z Fold 5?

✍️Samsung Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition Compatibility with Z Fold 5: Explained✍️

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition alongside the Galaxy Tab S9 sparked excitement among foldable device users. However, it was soon revealed that the S Pen Creator Edition is not compatible with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or any preceding S Pen-enabled foldables.

The S Pen has been an integral part of Samsung’s product range for over a decade, boasting significant advancements in latency reduction and added functionalities. With the compatibility of the S Pen with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, enthusiasts eagerly anticipated its potential application with the Z Fold 5. Nevertheless, Samsung’s official website clarifies that the S Pen Creator Edition is designed to work with Galaxy S, Note, and Tab S devices that are S Pen compatible, as well as any stylus-enabled Galaxy Laptops.

✍️FAQs About S Pen Creator Edition Compatibility✍️

✍️Q: Why are foldables left out from compatibility with the S Pen Creator Edition?✍️
A: Foldable displays require a special stylus modified to work with them, such as the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro. These specially designed styluses feature a spring mechanism that absorbs the impact when the tip touches the screen, preventing display damage. The S Pen Creator Edition lacks this mechanism, making it incompatible with foldable devices like the Z Fold 5.

✍️Q: Why did Samsung not include compatibility features in the S Pen Creator Edition, especially for a more expensive stylus?✍️
A: While the reason for this choice is not officially stated, the more affordable S Pen Pro offers foldable support, Bluetooth functionality, and frequent discounts, making it a better option for users seeking stylus compatibility with their foldable devices.


While the Samsung Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition boasts improved design and functionality, it is not compatible with the Z Fold 5 or any preceding S Pen-enabled foldables due to the lack of a specialized mechanism required for using a stylus with foldable displays. Users interested in a stylus for their Z Fold 5 are recommended to consider the S Pen Pro, which offers the necessary compatibility features and is frequently available at discounted prices.

In conclusion, for those seeking a compatible stylus for their foldable device, the S Pen Pro is a recommended alternative that offers a comprehensive set of features including Bluetooth support and foldable compatibility.

To ensure the best experience with stylus usage, it is crucial to consider the compatibility requirements with specific device models and features.

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