Chandigarh: Preservation, conservation and management of World Heritage Site will be done with Rs 3.96 crores

The preservation, conservation, and management of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Capital Complex in Chandigarh, will require an estimated expenditure of approximately Rs 3.96 crore. To facilitate this, the administration plans to collaborate with private contractors who specialize in heritage conservation.
The primary objective of this project is to ensure the necessary maintenance and preservation of the Capital Complex. One of the key tasks is the completion of stone artwork at the martyr’s memorial. This involves intricate craftsmanship to create a fitting tribute to the martyrs and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the site.
Additionally, minor renovations will be undertaken inside the buildings of the Capital Complex. These renovations aim to maintain the historical significance of the complex while ensuring that the interior spaces are well-maintained and functional for visitors.
The project also emphasizes the preservation of the original form of the exterior walls of the buildings within the complex. This will involve careful restoration work to maintain the architectural integrity and visual charm of these structures. During a recent meeting of the Chandigarh Heritage Conservation Committee, a landscaping scheme for the Capital Complex was approved. This indicates that efforts will be made to enhance the overall ambiance and aesthetics of the site.
The landscaping project is likely to include the addition of green spaces, pathways, and other elements that contribute to the overall beauty and functionality of the complex.

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