Best OnePlus 12R Screen Protectors in 2024

One of the best affordable phones in recent memory, the OnePlus 12R sports a curved display that isn’t exactly fragile but still deserves the best protection — and that means a screen protector.

OnePlus is still small fry in the US market, so some of our favorite screen protector manufacturers have yet to release their accessories for the 12R. As such, there aren’t a ton of options available at the moment, but these are the best ones.

It’s also worth noting that the phone is known as the Ace 3 in China, so a couple of our recommendations are labeled that way, but will still fit the 12R perfectly.

Best Screen Protectors for OnePlus 12R:


Are these screen protectors specifically designed for OnePlus 12R?

Yes, the recommended screen protectors are suitable for the OnePlus 12R, and they are compatible with its curved display.

Do these screen protectors offer protection against scratches and cracks?

Yes, all the recommended screen protectors offer protection against scratches and cracks, ensuring the safety of the phone’s display.

Can the screen protectors affect the touch sensitivity of the display?

No, the recommended screen protectors are designed to maintain the touch sensitivity of the display without any compromise in functionality.


Protecting the curved display of the OnePlus 12R is essential to ensure its longevity and performance. The recommended screen protectors provide the best overall, premium, and value options to safeguard the phone’s screen from scratches and cracks, without compromising its touch sensitivity and functionality.

Title: The Best Screen Protectors for the OnePlus 12R: Protect Your Phone in Style

The OnePlus 12R is a premium flagship smartphone with a stunning display, and it’s understandable that you’d want to keep it protected. Luckily, there are some fantastic screen protectors available that can safeguard your phone while maintaining its sleek aesthetic. From TPU films to tempered glass options, there are choices to suit every user’s needs. Here are a few of the top picks:

✍️1. Orzero TPU for OnePlus 12R✍️
– Best TPU film
– Source: Orzero
– Image source: [Orzero TPU for OnePlus 12R](

✍️2. Suttkue Tempered Glass for OnePlus 12R✍️
– Source: Suttkue
– Image source: [Suttkue Tempered Glass](

✍️3. Ranyi Tempered Glass for OnePlus 12R✍️
– Best overall
– Source: Ranyi
– Image source: [Ranyi Tempered Glass](
– Description: Ranyi offers a straightforward tempered glass screen protector with high-hardness glass, resistance to smudges and skin oils, and compatibility with the fingerprint reader. It comes in a convenient two-pack, although the black border may not match all phone colorways.

✍️4. Brotect Tempered Glass Screen Protector✍️
– Source: Brotect
– Image source: [Brotect Tempered Glass](

With a variety of options to choose from, OnePlus 12R users can find the perfect screen protector to keep their device safe and secure.

➤# FAQ

✍️Q: Are tempered glass screen protectors better than TPU films?✍️
A: Both tempered glass and TPU films offer different advantages. Tempered glass provides better protection against scratches and impacts, while TPU films offer more flexibility and can provide edge-to-edge coverage.

✍️Q: Do screen protectors affect the phone’s touch sensitivity?✍️
A: High-quality screen protectors are designed to have minimal impact on touch sensitivity, and many users find no noticeable difference after applying a screen protector.

✍️Q: Can these screen protectors interfere with the phone’s biometric features, such as the fingerprint reader or facial recognition?✍️
A: The recommended screen protectors are designed to be compatible with the OnePlus 12R’s biometric features, ensuring that they do not interfere with fingerprint readers or facial recognition systems.

➤# Conclusion

Protecting your OnePlus 12R with a screen protector is an essential investment to maintain the pristine condition of your device. Whether you opt for a TPU film or tempered glass, these top picks ensure that your phone’s display remains crystal clear and safe from scratches and cracks. With these options, you can safeguard your device without compromising on style or functionality.# The Best Screen Protectors for OnePlus 12R in 2024

If you’ve recently bought a OnePlus 12R, then you should consider getting a screen protector to safeguard its display. With a wide range of options in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are some of the best screen protectors for the OnePlus 12R in 2024.

➤ Brotect 3D for OnePlus 12R
✍️Premium pick✍️

The Brotect 3D screen protector stands out for its lack of an annoying black border and matte, glare-reducing finish. From a trusted manufacturer, it offers premium quality, although it comes at a higher price and does not include a camera protector.

➤ AQGGIIXY Tempered Glass for OnePlus 12R
✍️Best value✍️

This low-cost four-pack from AQGGIIXY provides an affordable option and includes a clear silicone case, offering great value for money. It also ensures you’ll be covered if you don’t install the protector perfectly the first time.

➤ Orzero TPU for OnePlus 12R
✍️Best TPU film✍️

Orzero’s TPU film stands out for its reliability in fitting curved screens and its self-healing capabilities that repair minor scratches over time. It also comes in a three-pack, providing flexibility for installation.

➤ Suttkue Tempered Glass for OnePlus 12R

This tempered glass screen protector from Suttkue offers a simple and affordable option. Although not the most well-known brand, it provides a precise fit and quality materials while featuring an opaque border that’s suitable for the black OnePlus 12R.

Each of these screen protectors offers unique features and benefits, catering to various preferences and requirements.

➤ FAQs

✍️1. Is it necessary to use a screen protector for the OnePlus 12R?✍️
Yes, a screen protector is recommended to safeguard the display from scratches, cracks, and other damage.

✍️2. How do I apply a screen protector to the OnePlus 12R?✍️
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific screen protector, ensuring the screen is clean before application.

✍️3. Do these screen protectors affect the touchscreen sensitivity of the OnePlus 12R?✍️
No, these screen protectors are designed to maintain the touchscreen sensitivity of the device.

✍️4. Can I reuse the screen protectors if I need to reapply them?✍️
It depends on the specific product, but some screen protectors can be reapplied if removed carefully.

➤ Conclusion
Protecting your OnePlus 12R’s screen is essential to maintain its pristine condition. Whether you opt for the premium quality of Brotect, the value-packed option from AQGGIIXY, the reliability of Orzero’s TPU film, or the simplicity of Suttkue’s tempered glass, each of these screen protectors provides a worthy solution for safeguarding your device’s display. Choose the one that best fits your preferences and enjoy peace of mind knowing your phone’s screen is well-protected.# Protecting Your OnePlus 12R Screen: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve recently acquired a OnePlus 12R, you may be considering ways to safeguard its screen against scratches, impacts, and curious eyes. Fortunately, there are various screen protectors designed specifically for this smartphone. In this article, we will explore some of the top options available to provide thorough protection for your OnePlus 12R’s screen.

➤ AnbzSign Privacy Glass for OnePlus 12R

For those who are concerned about maintaining the privacy of their sensitive data, the AnbzSign Privacy Glass for OnePlus 12R offers an ideal solution. This privacy glass utilizes polarization to darken the screen when viewed from a 45-degree angle, preventing prying eyes from seeing the display. Additionally, the high-hardness glass resists fingerprints and water stains. The product comes in a pair and includes camera protectors for comprehensive protection.

➤ Top Screen Protector Brands

We’ve done the legwork to find the best screen protectors for the OnePlus 12R, and here are some of our top picks:

➤# Brotect 3D
If budget is not a concern, the Brotect 3D is a top choice. It provides edge-to-edge coverage for the 12R’s curved glass without the bothersome black border found on most other tempered glass options.

➤# Ranyi
The Ranyi screen protector is an excellent alternative, offering affordability and including camera protectors to keep both sides of the phone scratch-free.

➤# AQGGIIXY Four-Pack
For those looking to save some money, the AQGGIIXY four-pack is a cost-effective option. It includes a clear silicone case to protect the rest of the phone, including the cameras.

➤# Orzero TPU Film
For users concerned about installation, the Orzero TPU film is a reliable choice. It provides a secure fit and is less likely to peel away from the screen during installation compared to tempered glass protectors.

➤ FAQs

➤# Q: Do the recommended screen protectors affect screen clarity or touch sensitivity?
A: No, these screen protectors are designed to maintain high screen clarity and do not interfere with touch sensitivity.

➤# Q: Are these screen protectors easy to install?
A: The installation process varies by product, but most come with detailed instructions and installation tools to ensure a hassle-free application.

➤# Q: Will the privacy glass from AnbzSign affect the viewing experience from straight-on angles?
A: No, the privacy glass is designed to maintain screen clarity and visibility from direct, front-facing angles while obscuring the display from side angles.

➤ Conclusion

By opting for a reliable screen protector, you can effectively shield your OnePlus 12R from scratches, cracks, and prying eyes. Whether you prioritize privacy, edge-to-edge coverage, affordability, or easy installation, there is a screen protector suited to your needs. With these recommendations, you can confidently choose a screen protector that offers thorough protection for your OnePlus 12R, ensuring its display remains in pristine condition.

Remember, investing in a high-quality screen protector is an essential step toward prolonging the lifespan and ensuring the uninterrupted functionality of your OnePlus 12R.

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